Powerful Transitions

Life is full of powerful transitions.

Some transitions are more powerful than others but nevertheless move you, impact you, and change your life.

As we journey throughout life we can learn from the transitions.

If we are patient,

If we prepare,

and if we are purposeful,

To  learn, grow and being more fulfilled throughout the transition.

We can receive and appreciate the Overflow that life transitions brings.

The emotional and mental deposits that we draw from through these transitions,

Can be replenished and give us a spiritual, emotional, and mental surplus that can and will carry us through our next powerful transition.

So grateful for God carrying us through one powerful life transition at a time.


The Journey continues. …..


Leaving You Is Not Easy 8-10-18

I am here on the train,

Traveling home without you,

And I am sad.

Because for the past 18 years

You have been my priority, my concern, and my responsibility

Me and your Father have strived to raise you up and to give you the best that we knew to give.

I feel like I am leaving a part of me behind,

I feel sad because I will miss you.

However Son, I am so proud of you.

I knew this train ride would never be easy.

But I know that this time would come.

I pray and believe that God will watch over you and keep you,

I know that God will never leave or forsake you,

And I will be looking for you to do great things.

I know you can.

This is all part of the process,

And as I seek to understand and honor my feelings,

My love for you is so great,

And leaving you is not easy.

Love always



This Appointed Time

This time is appointed,

This time is anointed.

This time is meant to be,

This time is destiny.

This time is a time of happiness,

This time is a time of being blessed.

This time is God ordained,

This time is God arranged.

This time we have anticipated,

This time is here, we have made it.

The Lord has let His light and His miracles shine,

Thank You Lord for being so good,

Thank You for this time.

The Journey continues. …….

Stretching Forth

From my womb, when I carried you I felt that there was something great that would emerge,

And when you came literally bursting through the world, it let me know to get ready for you.

Because even then you appeared ready to go beyond the limited space in my womb.

One of the first things you did when you were born was you stretched out.

And when I saw how long you were, I said wow, it is amazing that this powerful, strong, beautiful and amazing life was inside of me.

And today, You continue to stretch beyond me.

And as I embrace you as you stretch to higher heights and deeper depths,

I thank God for allowing you to go the places, me and your Father haven’t been.

Because you have stretched,

We are stretching,

You have inspired us,

Remain inspired and continue to stretch.

Remember you are” Called to Greatness”

Do not shrink but stretch.

I Love you and I am Proud of you,

My Son.

The Journey continues. ……


Inspiration can come from different things, different people, and different places.

Inspiration can come from reflecting on His amazing grace.

Inspiration is that lasting impression,

Inspiration gives us internal and external motivation.

Inspiration can impact us to take action,

Inspiration can lead one to have a powerful reaction.

Pay attention because you never know where inspiration may come from,

Inspiration and motivation can certainly come from the Holy One.

What inspires you today??????

The Journey continues…….

Can’t Believe You Are Going

I know it’s true,

Yet I can’t believe you are going.

I know it’s time,

Yet I can’t believe you are going.

Time went so fast,

And I can’t believe you are going.

It is time for you to go and discover your place in the world,

It is time for you to go and spread your wings and stretch beyond the nest in which you grew.

I guess I am ready to let go.

I know it is right to let go.

But I don’t want to let you go.

I can’t believe you are going,

But you are going,

Believing God to watch over you.

To protect you and keep you.

And to be with you every step of the way.

I am comforted knowing that fact,

And I am so proud of you, My Son.

But I still can’t believe you are going.

The Journey continues. ……..

I Will Thirst 8-3-18

Knowing that I will thirst,

I will seek Him first.

Knowing that I will feel the need to do the work.

Knowing I will feel passion until it hurts.

The time is near to press forward.

And I know I will thirst.

Knowing I will feel even more the need.

Knowing that I will walk in faith and do what I believe.

Know thing that with God on my side I will succeed.

The time is near to go forth.

And I know I will thirst.

I will thirst to take a stand.

I will thirst to press towards the mark, and walk in the fullness as well as the purpose of God’s Plan.

I will seek and speak to God because He understands.

I will seek and speak to God because He will lead me and guide me while holding my hand.

I will seek and speak to God in the Midst of challenging circumstances.

The time is near to take action.

And I know I will thirst.

The Journey continues. …….