30 days to 40 (5-25)

In 30 days I will be 40.ย  4 decades, 4 times 10. Ten plus Ten plus Ten plus Ten equals 40.

I want to write about 40 blessings

  1. I am alive.
  2. I have the Lord in my life and heart.
  3. I am blessed with a husband
  4. I am blessed with 3 beautiful children
  5. I have a roof over my head
  6. I have food to eat
  7. I have a car to drive
  8. I have a job
  9. I have money in my pocket
  10. I have a sound mind.
  11. I have a reasonable amount of health
  12. I have a platform to create
  13. I have love in my heart and life
  14. I have peace in my heart and life
  15. I have joy in my life and heart
  16. I have amazing people in my life
  17. I have had amazing experiences in life
  18. I have learned many lessons
  19. I have opportunities almost daily to share experience, strength, andย  hope
  20. I am blessed to be able to say I am blessed
  21. God has been good to me
  22. God has healed my broken heart
  23. God is improving my health
  24. God is always with me
  25. I can laugh today
  26. I am blessed when I blessed others
  27. I woke up this morning
  28. I tried to be light to another person day
  29. God keeps me and my love ones safe
  30. I can go on and on about His Goodness, Grace, and Mercy
  31. I recognize His goodness
  32. I am going into my 40th year
  33. My family circle hasn’t been broken
  34. We are partakers daily of his goodness
  35. I am surrounded by love
  36. I am surrounded by reminders of God’s love
  37. I embrace each day and behold it as a blessing
  38. I am on my journey to wellness
  39. I am learning something new everyday
  40. I am blessed to have the opportunity to seek God everyday



The journey continues……..


The Outcome

When looking at the journey,

And remembering the obstacles and challenges,

And remembering the adversity and struggle,

We grow richer from the experiences,

We grow richer from the greater faith and the greater victory,

We learn resilience,

We learn the strength that comes from God,

We learn that God is pleased with our faith,

The bigger picture is the lesson.

The bigger picture is the experiences.

The bigger picture is the journey.

The bigger picture is the victory.

The bigger picture is the Outcome. ๐Ÿ’–

The Journey continues……..๐Ÿ’–


We grow through different stages and phases,

We grow through adversity and resistances,

We grow through trials and obstacles,

We grow through challenges and hardships,

We grow each and every day,

We grow in each and every way,

We grow as we endure,

We grow as we persevere,

We grow as we keep on,

We grow as we pressing on,

We grow and we will keep on growing,

We know and we will keep on knowing.

Let’s embrace and appreciate our growth.๐Ÿ’–


6:33 Part 3

You have all the answers to life’s questions,

You know the plans You have and what is next,

You have all power in Your Hands,

Seeking You First,

Seeking You when I rise ,

Seeking You throughout my day,

Seeking You when I rest,

Seeking You before I make any decisions,

Seeking You when I am unsure of which way to go.

Seeking You on the journey,

Seeking You,

Believing You,

Trusting You,

Desiring You,

Leaning on You ,

And Striving to please You as well as to be in Your Presence.

Knowing that all other things will be added,

Knowing that You will lead and guide my way.

Knowing that I am safe in Your Hands.๐Ÿ’–

Believing in Recovery 5-20

To believe and to step out on faith.

To believe and to go forth.

To believe and to go beyond comfort zone.

To believe and to strive for greatness.

To believe and to never give up.

To believe and to persevere.

To believe and to endure.

To believe and to press your way.

To believe and to keep on keeping on.

To believe and to overcome obstacles.

To believe and to trust God.

To believe and to have courage in the face of adversity.

To believe and to move past trials and challenges.

To believe and to not quit.

To believe and to let go of fears.

Keep on believing.

Keep on achieving.

Keep on pressing.

Believe, Believe, Believe. ๐Ÿ’–

36 days to 40 (5-19)

In 36 days I ย will be 40 years old. Wow!!!!I realize that over the years I have cultivated my faith walk with Christ and my spirituality has flourished however my health received what was left over. After working hard and mentally and emotionally addressing the needs of the family, my physical health took a back seat. I realize that things have to change especially it I want to continue to operate at my highest and full potential. ย The Doctor told me taking care of everyone else and not myself is not what God wants. She also said that you may not feel it but it can be alot going on in your body. I can say today, I finally hear her. It makes a lot of sense and I must achieve the necessary balance to thrive and be well mind, body, and spirit. I realize that if I don’t take care of this body, I won’t be around and it won’t be a home for my spirit on earth. I have to do better. I am determined to do better. And I will do better.

The Journey continues…………๐Ÿ’–



Gotta Take Care of This Temple

God gave it to me,

Gotta take care of this temple.

God entrusted me

To take care of this temple.

God desires me,

To take care of this temple.

God encourages me,

To take care of this temple.

This Temple ,This body

Which is the vessel that serves as a temporary house to the soul and spirit.

I must care for it and keep it holy,

I must be good to it and strive to keep it healthy.

I must nurture it and promote wellness.

God gave it to me,

God has entrusted me,

And God desires me,

To take care of my temple.๐Ÿ’–