The Morning Light

The Morning Light is a gentle reminder that a new day has come,

The Morning Light is a gentle reminder to us that a new opportunity has begun.

The Morning Light is a sign of another chance,

The Morning Light is a reminder for us to put things in God’s Hands.

Because He is able to bring us through day after day,

When doors are closed, He can open them and make a way.

Look to the Lord to inspire and empower your life,

And give Him thanks for a new day and new beginning as you welcome, embrace, and recognize the Morning Light.  💖🎁


The Source

You are the Source of my inspiration,

You are the Source of my joy,

You are the Source of my strength,

You are the Source of my motivation,

You are the Source of my love,

You are the Source of my passion,

You are the Source of my peace,

You are the Source of my creativity,

You are the Source of goodness,

You are my Source that gives me the ability,

You are the Source that gives me grace.

You are the Source that ignites my fire.

You are the Source of my comfort.

You are the Source of my needs.

You are the Source that overflows,

You are the Source that is never empty, You are the Source that is always available.

You are the Source I can call on.

You are the Source I can count on.

You are the Source I rely on.

Thank you for being there, and for never failing,

Thank you for being a constant abundance throughout life’s ups and downs, no matter what the course,

Thank you Lord for being my everything,

Thank you Lord for being the Source. 💖

Lord You Know

You know my weaknesses,

You know my strengths,

You know all the trials that I come up against.

You know my joy, You know my pain,

You know the restoration that has taken place in my life,

You know how my life has changed.

You know my heart and You know my soul,

You know my dreams and You know my goals.

You know what I will be, and You know where I will go,

Lord You know, Lord You know. 💖

Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for watching over me. For blessing me and keeping me,

over the years, each and everyday.

Thank You for loving me unconditionally.

In spite of my mistakes and shortcomings.

Thank You for never turning Your back on me, even when I strayed from you. You always welcomed me back into the comfort of Your arms,

Thank You for always loving and caring  for me,

Thank You for loving and caring  for me before I could love and care for myself.

Thank You for Your mercy and grace that You have given to me, which I do not deserve.

Thank You for Your forgiveness and for granting second, third and fourth chances.

Thank You for restoration, redemption, and renewal.

Thank You for the plan You have for me,

Thank You for trusting me and preparing me,

Thank You for encouraging, edifying, equipping and empowering me.

Thank You for being so good and kind to me.

For the rest of my life I will seek to serve and please You .

I love You.

Your Daughter💖

Like A Pencil in God’s Hands

Want to be as Mother Teresa says, like a pencil in God’s Hands,

Want to be one to share of how God is a God of another chance.

Being a tool that can draw a picture for the eyes to see,

Being a tool for His Word, the message will be shared, the message will be carried.

Being a tool used by God for His Glory,

Being a vessel that will give love, encourage and tell the story.

To share a personal testimony of how He saved a once lost girl,

To tell of how He gave His only Begotton Son Jesus because He loves the world.

To speak of salvation and that it is free,

To speak of the void that can filled with Christ, that can make your life complete.

To speak of how your life can changed with making Him your choice,

To witness to another of His goodness to be a voice.

To share of His power to turn around a hopeless circumstance,

To be a tool, a vessel, and a pencil in God’s Hands.

One Accord

The desire of my heart is the desire of Your heart,

What I seek to do is what You want me to do.

Where I am preparing to go is where You want me to go.

I am committed to Your Will,

I am dedicated to Your Way,

I am available to Your Plan,

I am willing to go forth in the purpose You have for me.

I want to be in line with You.

I want to be obedient to You.

I want to be led by You.

There is victory in obtaining the Lord’s direction and guidance.

There are benefits and blessings in obedience,

At this point in my life, I don’t desire to take a detour ,

I want to be on One Accord with You.

At this point in my life I want to get out of my own way,

And be on One Accord with You.

Shower upon me, Your Will, into my spirit pour,

I am ready take this journey with You,

on One Accord.


Getting On Track

Sometimes in life, we get off track,

Sometimes we get distracted,

Sometimes we get overwhelmed,

And we just get thrown off the path.

However it is important for us to get on track.

Get back your focus,

Get back your vision and dreams,

You can surely do it, no matter how hard it may seem.

Get back on board to doing what you have to do,

Hard work pays off and the harvest will surely come to you.

No matter what threw you off, or caused you to lose focus on the path,

Get on course, Hold on and Keep on Keeping on, Get On Track!!!!!!