Leaving the Nest 5-25

My Son,

Each day that passes you are getting closer to your goal. I know that it is both exciting and overwhelming. I know that it can seem like there is so much to do because there is so much to do. I believe that you will get it done. Steady, Steady, Steady.


Speaking of Steady, Steady, Steady, I have learned that, that is how things get achieved.

You have to be focused.

And you have to be consistent.

and with God you will get there.

Steady, Steady, Steady!!!!!!



The Journey continues………



Wisdom comes from God

God is the Giver of wisdom

You gain wisdom when you learn from life experiences.

You gain wisdom when you seek God’s guidance, direction, and protection.

Embrace wisdom.

Behold wisdom.

Appreciate wisdom.

Respect wisdom.

Live in wisdom.

Walk in wisdom.

Talk in wisdom.

Go forth in wisdom.💖

The Journey continues……… 💖

32 days to 40 5-23 Amazingly 40 Words!!!!!!


Excitement …….


Inspiration …….



Needing the Lord……

Embracing the Journey…..




Having Courage…….

Looking to the Lord for strength….





And eager to begin this next decade of my life………


The Journey continues……..💖

You Know the Plans

You know the plans,

You know the future,

You know what is to come,

You know the journey,

You know the path,

You know the purpose,

You know the steps,

You know the date and time,

You know the outcome,

You know the beginning,

You know the middle,

You know the end,

You know it all ,

You know the plans,

You know the heart and soul of man,

You know the ability,

You know the destiny,

You know the vision,

You know the mission,

You know what this is all for,

You know of all the the opened and closed doors,

Everything is in Your Hands,

You are Mighty and You know the plan.💖







Leaving The Nest 5-21

My son,

In 76 days you will be leaving the nest. I want you to be encouraged And to remember what you have been taught.

1.Always put God first.

2. Hard work pays off.

3.You are called to greatness .

4. Believe in Your dreams.

5. And that we will never stop loving you .



The Journey continues.  .. …..💖

I Speak Life Over You

I want you to know that I believe in You,

I want you to know that You can do anything you put your mind to.

I want you to know that whatever the challenge God can bring you through,

I want you to know that I Speak Life To You.

I Speak Life when times are tough,

I Speak Life when times are rough,

I Speak Life when challenges come,

I Speak Life believing it is already done,

I Speak Life when we are walking in uncertainty,

I Speak Life Believing God for the possibilities.

I am walking by Faith and not by Sight

I will speak Encouragement and Speak Life. 💖


Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine,

Shining bright this morning.

Hello Sunshine,

Feeling the warmth of your rays radiating throughout the earth.

A gentle reminder that a new day has come.

A gentle message that today is a new beginning.

A gentle inspiration that light comes to drive out the darkness.

Hello Sunshine.

Hello New Day.

Welcome Sunshine.

Welcome a New Way.

Greetings Sunshine.

Greetings and Praise.

Light of Love shine in my life.

Light of Faith shine in my life.

Light of God shine in my life.

Hello Sunshine. 💖