Come, with all of your worries.

Cone, with all your cares.

Come, believing and knowing,

That God will meet you there .

Come, leaving behind your fears,

Come, ready to heal and to release the tears.

Come, knowing He is waiting for you,

Come, knowing there is nothing He cannot do.

Come, with the assurance and confidence,

Come, knowing that He will make a way for your circumstance.

Come, knowing that He is able to forgive what you have done,

Open up your heart, give Him a try, step out on faith,

and Come.



One Accord

The desire of my heart is the desire of Your heart,

What I seek to do is what You want me to do.

Where I am preparing to go is where You want me to go.

I am committed to Your Will,

I am dedicated to Your Way,

I am available to Your Plan,

I am willing to go forth in the purpose You have for me.

I want to be in line with You.

I want to be obedient to You.

I want to be led by You.

There is victory in obtaining the Lord’s direction and guidance.

There are benefits and blessings in obedience,

At this point in my life, I don’t desire to take a detour ,

I want to be on One Accord with You.

At this point in my life I want to get out of my own way,

And be on One Accord with You.

Shower upon me, Your Will, into my spirit pour,

I am ready take this journey with You,

on One Accord.


Getting On Track

Sometimes in life, we get off track,

Sometimes we get distracted,

Sometimes we get overwhelmed,

And we just get thrown off the path.

However it is important for us to get on track.

Get back your focus,

Get back your vision and dreams,

You can surely do it, no matter how hard it may seem.

Get back on board to doing what you have to do,

Hard work pays off and the harvest will surely come to you.

No matter what threw you off, or caused you to lose focus on the path,

Get on course, Hold on and Keep on Keeping on, Get On Track!!!!!!


Laying In Your Presence

Laying In Your presence,

Thinking of You.

Reflecting on all that You Do,

And all that You have done.

Laying in Your presence,

With a heart and spirit of Thanksgiving,

Because of Your Goodness, Mercy, and Grace.

Laying in Your presence,

Lying still before the duties of the world, flood my plate and my mind.

Just lying here in Your presence,

Thinking, Meditating, and Reflecting on You.

Reflecting on how far You brought me,

Remembering the wisdom You taught me.

Marveling at the joy and peace You have given to me.

In awe with the strength and courage You have given me.

In Your presence there is no confusion,

In Your presence there is no chaos.

In Your presence there is no noise.

In Your presence is peace and serenity,

In Your presence is love and comfort.

In Your presence is insight and inspiration.

In Your presence is rest and healing.

Before the day begins, I am intentional about laying in Your presence.

Before ther day begins, I thank and acknowledge You for all You do.

Before the day begins I seek instruction and guidance from You.

My days are richer and more greater

because before my day begins with the duties,


tasks and demands,

I lay in Your Presence. 💖


I thirst to know more about You.

I thirst to do Your Will.

I thirst to be filled with Your Love.

I thirst to please You.

I thirst to be in Your presence.

I thirst to have Your joy.

I thirst to have Your peace.

I thirst to have greater understanding.

I thirst for your guidance and direction.

I thirst to have Your light poured into my spirit.

I thirst to be better person.

I thirst to know more of Your Word.

I thirst for You Lord,

I know that You can quench my thirst.

I know that You can supply my needs,

I know that You are able to give me the desires of my heart.

Pour into me.

Fill my cup.

Overflow my spirit and soul.

I seek for You.

I reach for You.

I thirst for You.


Looking for Lesson

If We look for the lesson in situations,

We will sure find the lesson.

If We seek the lesson in situations,

We will definitely gain the lesson.

If We search for the lesson in situations,

We will certainly be enriched by the lesson.

If We are open to the lesson in situations,

We will be enlightened by the lesson.

But in order to get the lesson,

We must look for the lesson!!!!!