In You

Let this mind be in You.

Let this heart be in You.

Let this spirit be in You.

Let my actions be in You.

Let my decisions and choices be in You.

Let my inspiration and motivation be in You.

Let my mediations and affirmations be in You.

In You is peace.

In You is love.

In You is joy.

In You is purpose.

In You is the answer.

In You is guidance and direction.

In You is protection.

Let this life that I live please You.

The Journey continues. …….


The Threshold

In between the threshold

In the middle of change

In the midst of transition

In the end of a season

In the doorway of opportunity

What lies on the other side?

What is on the other end?

What is for me as I cross the threshold?

What will I embark upon?

What experiences will I encounter ?

What challenges will I face?

What lessons will I learn ?

What people will I meet?

How will my experience be defined?

How will I grow?

How will I evolve?

It is all on the other side.

I have to pass through the present to the future.

I have to walk across the threshold.

I have to have faith and trust in the Lord as I go over to the other side.

From there to here.

From one side to another.



New beginnings.

Different experiences.

The unknown and unfamiliar.

All a part of destiny.

Journeying with faith.

Crossing through.

Walking through.

Passing through.

Stepping over the threshold.

The Journey continues. ……


I will not let fear hold me back,

I will not let fear paralyze me and keep from trying.

I will not let fear keep me from journeying into my destiny,

I will not let fear keep me away from what God has for me.

I will not let fear dictate my fate,

I will overcome my fears and walk this walk believing in God and walking by faith.

I will not let fear keep from going beyond my comfort zone,

I will not let fear tell me that I am on this journey alone.

I will face my fears.

I will step out on faith.

I will press forward and press on.

I will do whatever it takes.

I will trust God.

No matter what the odds.

Whether the destination is far or whether it is near,

I am going to trust in the Lord and stand on His Word, believe in His promises,

And journey beyond my fears.

God does not give us the Spirt of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy verse 1:7

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Hebrews 11:6

I press towards the mark for the prize  of the High calling in Christ Jesus.

Phillipians 3:14

The Journey continues. ……..


Before the day begins,

Before my time of rest ends.

Before challenging tasks come my way,

Before I begin to engage in the day.

Before my foot hits the floor,

Before I embark on what is in store.

Before the day unfolds,

Before I set any goals.

Before I do  or I begin anything at all,

I look to You who knows it all.

I seek You and Your Will for me I ask,

As well as if You will journey with me on the path,

Believing You for strength as I have always done before.

Because You know what I need, You know what is in store.

And when there are storms at sea, You always bring me to shore,

That’s why I seek You, not after but



The Journey continues. …….


Each Day

Each Day, I look to You Lord,

For Strength.

Each Day I look to You Lord,

For Guidance and Direction.

Each Day I look to You Lord,

For Inspiration.

Each Day I look to You Lord,

For Courage.

Each Day I look to You Lord,

For Protection.

Each Day I look to You Lord,

For the Way.

Each Day I look to You Lord,

For the Answer.

I put You first in all that I do,

With each step that I prepare to take,

With each move that I prepare myself to make,

I Look to You.

The Journey continues. ……

We Learn As We Go

We are not born knowing,

Nor do we come with manuals on how we operate and what it takes for us to function effectually,


We learn as we go.

We are not born with directions,nor do we have the GPS set to each destination that we must venture to,


We learn as we go.

We learn faith as we step out of our comfort zone.

We learn hope when we put one foot in front of the other, in spite of out uncertainty.

We learn to trust God and lean not on our own understanding, when we are still and wait for His Divine direction, instruction and intervention.

We are challenged almost daily to walk in faith,

To walk with courage,

And to believe, to have faith, committment,

And determination.

And to journey out, to some places we may not know,

And with God on our side, we will surely get there, and learn as we go.

The Journey continues…..

Continuing On,Steady, Steady, Steady

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Not too slow and Not too fast,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Having Consistency, and Keeping on the task.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Believing in the plans and purpose the Lord has,

Steady, Steady, Steady

Having continuous commitment, and trusting that He will bring it to pass.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

With no turning back,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Not too slow and Not too fast.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Believing God’s Word which is true,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Looking to Lord For Strength, Guidance, Courage, Protection, and Direction, in all I do.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Going forward day by day,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Having faith along the way.

The Journey continues. …….

Steady, Steady, Steady. ……