A Mother’s Reflection #1

I can remember bringing you home from the hospital, and yo6u were my little baby,

You were my responsibility,

You needed my nurturing care,

You needed my guidance, direction and protection

And as you grew you still needed all those different things, but in different ways

As a young man, I just traveled with you to begin your life away from home,

And as I celebrate your growth, opportunity, and blessings,

I know that I will miss always having you around,

As you have been with me all your life,

And now you have begun a new chapter in my life,

which requires you to be responsible for yourself,

which requires you to take care of yourself,

But even as I say take care of yourself,

I know that God will take care of you,

I know God will nurture, care, lead, guide and protect you.

God can do anything but fail and He will never leave or forsake you.

This is a Mother’s reflection, about her son.

The Journey continues. …….


Where You Have Brought Me

When I think about where You brought me,

When I think about what You taught me.

When I think about how You bring me through,

When I think about how I am nothing without You.

When I think about how You hold me up,

When I think about how You have walked and talked with me when the valleys were rough.

When I think about who You have made me to be,

When I think about how You are all I need.

I feel Your hand upon my life,

I feel you taking away what is wrong and making it right.

I feel blessed and I feel complete,

I feel am overflow of love when I think about how far You have brought me.

The Journey continues. …….

Knowing God Will Watch Over You

I know that God will watch over you,

I have faith that God will watch over you,

I believe that God will watch over you,

I trust that God will watch over you,

I am confident that God will watch over you,

God will be where I cannot be,

God will see what I cannot see,

God will do what I cannot do,

I am standing on the promise, walking in faith,

Believing that God will watch over you.

The Journey continues. …….

My Son is a Man

My son is a man and I have to let go. My son is a man and I am excited to see him grow.

My son is a man and this is a Rites of Passage of life.

My son is a man and I pray that he will do what is right.

My son is a man and of him I am so proud.

My son is a man and I will shout it aloud.

My son is a man and I love him to no end.

My son is a man and I am embracing this new beginning.

The Journey continues…..

I Remember

I remember when you was only a day old,

It was just me and you in the hospital room,

And we were having a quiet moment,

I was holding this miracle of life in my arms,

As I was staring at you and you are staring back at me,

So many feelings, I was feeling at that time,

Joy and Happiness,

Humility and Peace,

Anxiety and Uncertainty,

And even Doubt and Fear,

As I held my new little baby in my arms,

I made some promises to God,

I made promises to myself,

And I made promises to you.

I promised to always be there for you,

And I am so glad I have kept my promise to you.

And I will continue as

The Journey continues……..

Stretching Forth

From my womb, when I carried you I felt that there was something great that would emerge,

And when you came literally bursting through the world, it let me know to get ready for you.

Because even then you appeared ready to go beyond the limited space in my womb.

One of the first things you did when you were born was you stretched out.

And when I saw how long you were, I said wow, it is amazing that this powerful, strong, beautiful and amazing life was inside of me.

And today, You continue to stretch beyond me.

And as I embrace you as you stretch to higher heights and deeper depths,

I thank God for allowing you to go the places, me and your Father haven’t been.

Because you have stretched,

We are stretching,

You have inspired us,

Remain inspired and continue to stretch.

Remember you are” Called to Greatness”

Do not shrink but stretch.

I Love you and I am Proud of you,

My Son.

The Journey continues. ……

Now That You Are Here

You have made it here,

You have worked hard to get here,

You have dreamed about getting here,

How do you feel?

Now that you’re here.

It has been a process getting here,

It has been a sacrifice getting here,

It has been a journey getting here,

Tell me how do you feel?

Now that you are here.

Work hard, Study long, and Do your best,

In life, in your endeavors, as you go forward,

Now that you are here.

The Journey continues. …….