Show us

The way to go,

Please show us.

What You want us to know,

Please show us.

The direction and path,

Please show us.

The plan that You have,

Please show us.

What to do,

Please show us.

We are counting, leaning, depending, trusting, believing, and trusting YOU

Please show us.πŸ’–


It’s About Thee

It is not about me,

It is about Thee.

It is about the plans You have for me.

It is about what You desire me to be,

It is about my obedience , today, and here on out, to my destiny.

It is not about me,

It is about Thee.

It is about putting You first and Your face I will seek.

It is not about me,

It is about Thee,

It is about You working in lives

And making them complete.

It is not about me,

It is about Thee.

It is about the path You have for me,

It is about serving You and in Your light is where I strive to be.

It is not about me,

Lord, It is always about Thee. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


Seeking Greater Understanding

Seeking Greater Understanding,

Seeking Deeper Insight,

Seeking Greater Wisdom,

Seeking to Enrich My life,

Embracing the Opportunity To Learn,

Appreciating Open Doors,

Seeking To be all I can Be in Him,

Seeking to be Great in the Destiny He has ordained me for.

Seeking to be filled with His anointing,

Seeking to be given the ability,

Seeking to be the best that I can be.

Seeking to be what He has called me to be.

My heart, my mind , and my spirt is open to where You lead and guide me,

Greater Understanding is what I seek and desire of Thee. πŸ’–πŸŽπŸ’–

Your Guidance

Your guidance will never lead us astray,

Your guidance is with us day after day. Your guidance can lead us to where we are destined to go.

Your guidance is certain because all things You know.

Your guidance gives us peace of mind,

Your guidance protects us time after time.

Your guidance is given because of Your faithfulness,

Your guidance keeps us protected, and for that we are blessed.

Your guidance is something I have learned to embrace,

Thank you for keeping me on the path as I Β journey from place to place.

I am thankful for Your love and Your light in my life,

Lord it is in You I will abide,

Thank you for Your provision, and for Keeping me on the road that is right ,

Thank you for saving me, keeping me and for being My Guide.πŸ’–




He Hasn’t Forgotten About Us

We are on His mind,

God hasn’t forgotten about us.

With Him peace you are sure to find,

God hasn’t forgotten about us.

He Β keeps us day after day.

God hasn’t forgotten about us.

He is with us every step of the way,

God hasn’t forgotten about us.

And because He hasn’t forgotten about us,

We must not forget about Him,

We must not close Him out when times get tough, instead let’s welcome Him in.

God is Our Provider, Healer, Comforter, and Way Maker, more than enough,

We must put Him first, trust Him, lean on Him, acknowlege Him and know,

That God hasn’t forgotten about us.πŸ’–

Looking to you

I am looking To You to bring me through,

I am looking To You to help me through,

I am looking To You to Guide me through,

I am looking To You to carry me through

I am looking To You to make a way through,

Looking to You for guidance and direction,

Looking to You to keep me in the right path and for protection,

Looking to You for the answers of uncertainty,

Looking to You for assurance and clarity,

Looking for You to make a way,

Looking to You day by day,

As I look over my life, time and time again, You bring me through.

That’s why each day I have confidence and faith as I Look To You.