Did I pray today

Did I pray today?

Did I ask God to be with me and You help me along the way

Did I ask you to give me what words to say

Did I speak to You Lord?

Did I pray?

Did I thank you for waking me up and giving me another

Did I ask you to show me what are Your plans

Did I praise you because you are the light of my life,

Did I praise You for how you bring me joy and make my days bright

Did I look to Heaven and thank You for always making a way

Did I give You Glory, Praise and Honor,

Did I pray today?

There is Power in Prayer.

Did You Pray Today??????

The Journey continues. …….


Passion Being The Motivation

With passion being the motivation,

Passion is the inspiration .

With Passion being the driving force,

It helps keeps on centered to stay the course.

When Passion is the motivation,

It is fuel for Perservance, Endurance and Determination.

Keep striving to make an effort and impact that is everlasting,

Keep dreaming and pressing towards your Passion.

The Journey continues……..

It’s Time 8-13-18

It’s time to begin,

It’s time to get started.

It’s time to get going.

It’s time to embark on this new journey.

The time has come.

The time is now.

The time has arrived.

It’s time to get ready,

It’s time to get prepared,

It’s time to get moving.

It’s best to be ahead of time.

Than trying to chase after time.

Because no matter how much you chase and run after time

Time doesn’t wait.

It is best to manage time.

To plan ahead of time.

In order to be on time.

Because regardless of whether you are ready or not,

Regardless if you are prepared or not,

Regardless if you are up to the task or not,

It’s time for you and it’s time for me.

The time has come,

And it is time.

The Journey has begun,

And the Journey continues……..

Getting aligned with time.

Stretching Forth

From my womb, when I carried you I felt that there was something great that would emerge,

And when you came literally bursting through the world, it let me know to get ready for you.

Because even then you appeared ready to go beyond the limited space in my womb.

One of the first things you did when you were born was you stretched out.

And when I saw how long you were, I said wow, it is amazing that this powerful, strong, beautiful and amazing life was inside of me.

And today, You continue to stretch beyond me.

And as I embrace you as you stretch to higher heights and deeper depths,

I thank God for allowing you to go the places, me and your Father haven’t been.

Because you have stretched,

We are stretching,

You have inspired us,

Remain inspired and continue to stretch.

Remember you are” Called to Greatness”

Do not shrink but stretch.

I Love you and I am Proud of you,

My Son.

The Journey continues. ……

Now That You Are Here

You have made it here,

You have worked hard to get here,

You have dreamed about getting here,

How do you feel?

Now that you’re here.

It has been a process getting here,

It has been a sacrifice getting here,

It has been a journey getting here,

Tell me how do you feel?

Now that you are here.

Work hard, Study long, and Do your best,

In life, in your endeavors, as you go forward,

Now that you are here.

The Journey continues. …….


Connections come from the spirit.

Connections come from the heart.

Connections come from bonds.

Connections come from identifying.

Connections come from inspiration.

Connections come from motivation.

Connections come from interaction.

Connections come from communication.

Connections are exceptional.

Connections are intentional.

Connections are wonderful.

Connections can touch one’s heart, mind, and spirit.

Connections can move one’s heart, mind, and spirit.

Connections can enhance one’s heart, mind, and spirit

Connections can enrich and enlighten one’s life experience and journey.

So thankful for connections.

Where would our lives be without connections?

Where would my life be without my connections?

How is your life greater and richer because of your connections?

Thinking of Kylah and Mocha 8-6-18

The Journey continues. ….

I Will Thirst 8-3-18

Knowing that I will thirst,

I will seek Him first.

Knowing that I will feel the need to do the work.

Knowing I will feel passion until it hurts.

The time is near to press forward.

And I know I will thirst.

Knowing I will feel even more the need.

Knowing that I will walk in faith and do what I believe.

Know thing that with God on my side I will succeed.

The time is near to go forth.

And I know I will thirst.

I will thirst to take a stand.

I will thirst to press towards the mark, and walk in the fullness as well as the purpose of God’s Plan.

I will seek and speak to God because He understands.

I will seek and speak to God because He will lead me and guide me while holding my hand.

I will seek and speak to God in the Midst of challenging circumstances.

The time is near to take action.

And I know I will thirst.

The Journey continues. …….