Leaving The Nest 5-24

My Son,

In 73 days you will be leaving the nest. You will be going to unfamiliar territory. Β You will be experience life on your own by yourself. Β I wonder, How you feel about that? I am going to ask you. I just want to encourage you to place ypur confidence in the Lord. He has all power to work things out and to bring you through. He will lift you up when you are down and give you strength when you are weak.


There is nothing that God cannot do.

Start now with Trusting Him every step of the way.

The Journey continues………..πŸ’–


Leaving The Nest 5-23

My son,

In 74 days you will be leaving the nest. I am proud of you and I know it is time for you to go forward and begin this exciting journey.

It is the right time,

It is the appointed time,

It is the annointed time,

It is the chosen time,

It is the ordained time,

It is the destined time.

It is important to remember what you have been taught and apply the tools you have obtained.

I believe you will grow tremendously when you go. I will miss you however it is one of the rites of passage in life.πŸ’–



The Journey continues…….πŸ’–




Leaving The Nest 5-22

My son,

My life changed when I became a Mother for the better. Β It was no longer all about me. I was living for someone else other than myself. I began to have hopes and dreams for you. And desires and goals for you. I realize that it has been my charge to guide you and encourage you along the way. I became an official teacher 18 years ago, when I became a mother.πŸ’–



The Journey continues…….πŸ’–


No Time To Be Sleeping

No time to be sleeping,

No time to be slumbering,

No time to be relaxing,

No time to be chilling,

No time to be laid back,

It’s time to get up,

Its time to wake up,

It’s time to be aware,

It’s time to get there,

It’s time to be present,

It’s time to be fully engaged, mind, body, and spirit,

It’s time to check in,

It’s time to get in the game,

It’s time to get involved,

It’s time to be active,

Wake up,

Get up,

Show up,

Speak up,

It’s no time to be dormant.

It’s no time to be sleeping.πŸ’–



You Know the Plans

You know the plans,

You know the future,

You know what is to come,

You know the journey,

You know the path,

You know the purpose,

You know the steps,

You know the date and time,

You know the outcome,

You know the beginning,

You know the middle,

You know the end,

You know it all ,

You know the plans,

You know the heart and soul of man,

You know the ability,

You know the destiny,

You know the vision,

You know the mission,

You know what this is all for,

You know of all the the opened and closed doors,

Everything is in Your Hands,

You are Mighty and You know the plan.πŸ’–







Gotta Take Care of This Temple

God gave it to me,

Gotta take care of this temple.

God entrusted me

To take care of this temple.

God desires me,

To take care of this temple.

God encourages me,

To take care of this temple.

This Temple ,This body

Which is the vessel that serves as a temporary house to the soul and spirit.

I must care for it and keep it holy,

I must be good to it and strive to keep it healthy.

I must nurture it and promote wellness.

God gave it to me,

God has entrusted me,

And God desires me,

To take care of my temple.πŸ’–


Come Together To Bless

Let’s come together to bless,

Let’s collectively come together and share our resources and gifts,

Let’s be united in sharing Love, Faith, and Inspiration.

We sometimes have not because we ask not.

We sometimes don’t go forth with the vision because we don’t step out in faith.

We sometimes don’t bring our dreams into fruition because of doubt, uncertainity and fears.

We sometimes don’t manifest promises because our concerns of what people will say and not do.

As I challenge myself, I am challenging you.

I am stepping out on faith.

I am stepping beyond my fears.

I am stepping past uncertainty and insecurity.

I am asking will you step out and stand with me?

I am asking will you step out and share in this vision with me?

I am asking will you step out and be a blessing with me?

I am asking with you believe and have faith with me?

To let’s come together and bless.

Let’s bring our resources together and be and encouragement to another.

Let’s be a light that shines representing God’s Love, Compassion and Glory.

Let’s come together.πŸ’– 5-19-18