Like A Pencil in God’s Hands

Want to be as Mother Teresa says, like a pencil in God’s Hands,

Want to be one to share of how God is a God of another chance.

Being a tool that can draw a picture for the eyes to see,

Being a tool for His Word, the message will be shared, the message will be carried.

Being a tool used by God for His Glory,

Being a vessel that will give love, encourage and tell the story.

To share a personal testimony of how He saved a once lost girl,

To tell of how He gave His only Begotton Son Jesus because He loves the world.

To speak of salvation and that it is free,

To speak of the void that can filled with Christ, that can make your life complete.

To speak of how your life can changed with making Him your choice,

To witness to another of His goodness to be a voice.

To share of His power to turn around a hopeless circumstance,

To be a tool, a vessel, and a pencil in God’s Hands.