There is a position,

There is an assignment,

There is a task for you.

There is a mission,

There is an assignment,

There is a job for you to do.

There is a purpose,

There is a assignment,

There is a part of His plan,

That His Will can come to pass through.

There is a need,

There is a assignment,

There is a reason God chose you.

There is an assignment given to you,

God will give you what you need,

to do what you are required to do.

He will give you provision to bring His purpose through,

There is an assignment,

There is a task,

There is a position,

There is a mission,

There is a job,

There is a goal,

There is an appointment,

There is a need,

There is a reason,

There is a purpose,

There is a path,

There is a plan,

There is a journey,

That is assigned to you.💖

What are you going to do?

Are you going to obey His Will, and allow Him to use you?

Are you going to be a vessel that God can work through?

Beginning, Doing, Keeping, and Completing this Assignment is up to you!!!!💖🎁🤔

The Journey continues….


Be With Me Today

You know what today will bring,

You know it all, You know everything.

You know what challenges that will come my way,

You know what will happen throughout the day.

I am confident that You will go before me and remove obstacles,

I know that You will go before me, and make what is necessary possible.

I am assured that You will give me the strength, wisdom, and ability,

To carry out the plans You have for me.

I believe that You are with me each step I take,

I am trusting that with each moment of adversity, You will increase my faith.

Even though the task may be huge and great,

I know that I can get through it because You are With me today. 💖

The Journey continues…..

Passion Being The Motivation

With passion being the motivation,

Passion is the inspiration .

With Passion being the driving force,

It helps keeps on centered to stay the course.

When Passion is the motivation,

It is fuel for Perservance, Endurance and Determination.

Keep striving to make an effort and impact that is everlasting,

Keep dreaming and pressing towards your Passion.

The Journey continues……..

A Mother’s Reflection #1

I can remember bringing you home from the hospital, and yo6u were my little baby,

You were my responsibility,

You needed my nurturing care,

You needed my guidance, direction and protection

And as you grew you still needed all those different things, but in different ways

As a young man, I just traveled with you to begin your life away from home,

And as I celebrate your growth, opportunity, and blessings,

I know that I will miss always having you around,

As you have been with me all your life,

And now you have begun a new chapter in my life,

which requires you to be responsible for yourself,

which requires you to take care of yourself,

But even as I say take care of yourself,

I know that God will take care of you,

I know God will nurture, care, lead, guide and protect you.

God can do anything but fail and He will never leave or forsake you.

This is a Mother’s reflection, about her son.

The Journey continues. …….

6:33 Part 12

There is a blessing in seeking You first.

There is a blessing in putting You first.

There is a blessing in looking to You first.

There is a blessing in going to You first.

There is a blessing in praying to You first.

There is a blessing and peace that surpasses all understanding when we seek You first.

The Journey continues. ……..

It’s Time 8-13-18

It’s time to begin,

It’s time to get started.

It’s time to get going.

It’s time to embark on this new journey.

The time has come.

The time is now.

The time has arrived.

It’s time to get ready,

It’s time to get prepared,

It’s time to get moving.

It’s best to be ahead of time.

Than trying to chase after time.

Because no matter how much you chase and run after time

Time doesn’t wait.

It is best to manage time.

To plan ahead of time.

In order to be on time.

Because regardless of whether you are ready or not,

Regardless if you are prepared or not,

Regardless if you are up to the task or not,

It’s time for you and it’s time for me.

The time has come,

And it is time.

The Journey has begun,

And the Journey continues……..

Getting aligned with time.

Leaving You Is Not Easy 8-10-18

I am here on the train,

Traveling home without you,

And I am sad.

Because for the past 18 years

You have been my priority, my concern, and my responsibility

Me and your Father have strived to raise you up and to give you the best that we knew to give.

I feel like I am leaving a part of me behind,

I feel sad because I will miss you.

However Son, I am so proud of you.

I knew this train ride would never be easy.

But I know that this time would come.

I pray and believe that God will watch over you and keep you,

I know that God will never leave or forsake you,

And I will be looking for you to do great things.

I know you can.

This is all part of the process,

And as I seek to understand and honor my feelings,

My love for you is so great,

And leaving you is not easy.

Love always