Continuing On,Steady, Steady, Steady

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Not too slow and Not too fast,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Having Consistency, and Keeping on the task.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Believing in the plans and purpose the Lord has,

Steady, Steady, Steady

Having continuous commitment, and trusting that He will bring it to pass.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

With no turning back,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Not too slow and Not too fast.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Believing God’s Word which is true,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Looking to Lord For Strength, Guidance, Courage, Protection, and Direction, in all I do.

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Going forward day by day,

Steady, Steady, Steady,

Having faith along the way.

The Journey continues. …….

Steady, Steady, Steady. ……



He wants to preserve,

He wants to keep,

He wants to maintain,

He wants to nurture and care,

He wants to uphold,

He wants to establish,

He wants to preserve.


The Journey continues……

Faith With Works

As I am living , I am learning about more and more,

about Faith and Works….

The word says there is no life in faith without works.

I have learned that there is no hope, with faith without works.

There is no results in situations with faith without works.

When we have faith we please God.

When we step out on faith,

we make it possible for God to work it out,

Through us, in us, and for us.

Our faith walk is so important,

However it is more than a walk,

It is walking with action.

It is stepping out of your comfort zone.

It is asking for help.

It is doing your part,

It is believing, trusting, and surrendering.

Faith with works leads to blessings

Faith with works leads to testimonies and praise reports.

Faith with works leads to breakthroughs.

Where is your faith?

Are you walking by faith and not by sight?

Are you pleasing God with your faith?

Are you having works to accompany your faith?

What is your testimony of faith?

The Journey continues. .. . . .

Always Making Ways for Me

Even when I do not see what is before


You are making ways and working it out for me.

You know what lies ahead.

You know what challenges may arise and yet.

You still make provision.

You still make things possible.

You still remove obstacles.

Your plan is perfect.

Your Will is amazing.

Your way is the best way.

So I lean on You.

So I trust and depend on You.

So I lift up my head and lift up my heart to You.

When the outcome is uncertain

And the challenges are great.

I have learned to trust in the Lord and to walk by faith.

Thank You for keeping me .

Thank You for being with me.

Thank You for making ways for me.

Believing 7-17

Believing that You will help me,

Believing that You will make a way for me,

Believing that You will show me,

Believing that You will lead and direct,

Believing that things will work out,

Believing that You will give me the

wisdom to figure it out,

Believing and knowing you will supply all my needs,

Believing that my goals can be achieved.

Believing that You will part thr Red Sea,

I believe, I believe.

The Journey continues. ……


A Place

A Place to go,

A Place to learn,

A Place to explore,

A Place to navigate,

A Place to experience,

A Place to be nurtured,

A Place to be enriched,

A Place to discover,

A Place to thrive,

A Place to be free,

A Place to be empowered,

A Place to be enlightened,

A Place to express,

A Place to be an individual,

A Place where you matter,

A Place where everyone is unique,

A Place where everyone is special,

Want to be in that place,

Want to go to that place,

Want to know where that place is…

Do you know of such a place?

Have you been to such a place?

Can you share with me of that place?

The Journey continues. …….

Trusting in the Lord

Listening for Instruction

Listening for Guidance and Direction

Listening for God’s Plan and Will for my life

Waiting for Instruction

Waiting for Guidance and Direction

Waiting for God’s Plan and Will gir my life

Seeking Instruction

Seeking Guidance and Direction

Seeking God’s Plan and Will for my life

Desiring Instruction

Desiring Guidance and Direction

Desiring God’s Plan and Will for my life

Wanting Instruction

Wanting Guidance and Direction

Wanting God’s Plan and Will for my life

Praying for Instruction

Praying for Guidance and Direction Praying for God’s Plan and Will fir my life

Looking for Instruction

Looking for Guidance and Direction

Looking for God’s Plan and Will for my life

Believing God for Instruction

Believing God for Guidance and Direction

Believing God’s Plan and Will for my life

It shall be so,

It shall come to pass,

Trusting in the Lord.

Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and kean not to thy on understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy path.

Proverbs 3:4-6

The Journey continues. ……