God Has You In His Hands

God has you in His Hands,

God has you in His plans.

God is working things out for you,

God us able to bring you through.

Trust God and Believe in His abilities,

Have faith that He will be able to supply your needs.

Even when times are tough and you don’t understand,

Remember and don’t you forget that God has you in His Hands.

Seeking Him along the way…..


Made it Through

Made it through….

because of You.

Made it through….

because Your Faithfulness is true.

Made it through….

And thankful for to You Lord.

Made it through You have open all closed doors.

Seeking Him along the way…..

Step out, or You’ll never know

I learned a lesson today about God….

Something I already know however it was confirmed .

I thought it would be cold outside and that I would dread going outside…

I had to go outside anyway,

But I planned on running out, then running back in.

I even heard someone repeat over and over again after coming in from being outside, saying how beautiful it was.

Of course I didn’t believe her, I thought it would be cool, damp and cloudy….

It had been this morning…

It had been all week….

So I said I have to see it and feel it to believe it.

So as I prepared to go outside, I put my sweater on, my scarf on, put my hat in my bag then put on my coat.

As I reached out side it blew me away , how warm and sunny it was.

How beautiful it truly was!!!!

And I said to myself I am staying out here until it is time for me to go back in.

I am going to soak up the sun and enjoy this gift.

What I learned was….

Sometimes, many times you have to come from where you are to experience the blessing….

I also learned that God can do whatever He chooses , when ever He chooses…..

Don’t be set on what was, seek to embark on and embrace what will be.

Don’t limit God and put Him in a box, He is Mighty, Awesome and Wonderful and the list goes on…

Take a minute to smell the Rose’s, to recognize the beauty of the trees, and to feel the warmth of the sun.

Theses are priceless precious moments πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

It reminds me of the scripture in the book of Psalm,O taste and see that the Lord is good.

If I didn’t step put, I would have never known…..And had this Beautiful moment🌻🌻🌻🌻

What areas of my life do I need to step out and see what God has?

Where am I stuck and stagnant thinking about what was ,instead if walking in faith to what is?

What do you need to step out to see, to do, and to experience?

Ask yourself these same questions….

I tell you one thing, I am surely glad I stepped out and I am embracing the lesson with the sunshineπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Seeking Him along the way…..

Gentle Reminders

Sometimes God sends us…

Gentle Reminders.

of His presence….

of His mercy….

of His grace….

of His light….

of His love….

of His kindness….

of His goodness….

of His blessings….

Let’s not be too busy that we miss the reminders.

Let’s see us see and feel God’s touch and light throughout the course of the day.

Let’s us recognize the gentle reminders.

Seeking Him along the way….

Being Committed 4-18-19

There are blessings in being committed.

There are great outcomes from being committed.

There are results from being committed.

There is a harvest from being committed.

Steady, Steady, Steady….

Daily, Daily, Daily…..

Step by Step by Step…..

It is awesome to see the fruit of commitment.

Seeking Him along the way……

Recognizing that it has been 2 years since me and C.W made the pact to write daily πŸ’–

Knowing The Heart

Lord You know the heart of man.

Lord You know the intention of man.

Lord You know the spirit of man.

Lord You know the mind of man.

Lord You know the thoughts of man.

You know all about us Lord.

You understand us Lord.

Fix what needs to be fixed in our mind, body, and spirit.

Heal what needs to be healed in our mind, body, and spirit.

Strengthen God, strengthen our mind, body, and spirit.

Seeking Him along the way…..


Replenish strength….

Replenish zeal….

Replenish faith…..

Replenish hope…..

Replenish courage….

Replenish love….

Replenish light…..

Replenish peace….

Knowing You will restore.

Knowing You will renew.

Knowing You will refresh.

Knowing You will replenish.

Seeking Him along the way…..