Living a Life, Bringing Glory to God 2-19-2019



Surrendering means putting it in God’s hands.

Surrendering means releasing it.

Surrendering means trusting and depending on Him.

Surrendering means having faith.

Surrendering means maintaining your peace.

Surrendering means knowing that God is in control.

Surrendering is letting go and letting God.

There is a blessing in surrending.

There is a serenity in surrendering.

There is peace of mind in surrendering.

What are you surrendering to the Lord???

What do you need to surrender to the Lord???

Do you know of that peace that comes with surrendering????

Seeking Him along the way….


He’s able…

It’s possible…

He’s working…

Against all obstacles…

We must trust,

We must have faith,

We must believe,

Even when there is uncertainty…

Knowing that God will supply all our needs…

We must have confidence…

And continue to believe and have His blessed assurance.

Seeking Him along the way…..

It is through our trials

It is through our trials that our faith is strengthened,

It is through out trials that our faith is challenged.

It is through leaning on Him that we firmly believe,

That God is able to supply our needs.

It is through our trials that Resilience appears,

It is through our trials that we have courage to face our fears.

It is through our trials , God allows us to endure the test,

It is through our trials when we persevere best.

Seeking Him along the way…..


Knowing that You will keep me.

Knowing that You will bring me through .

Knowing that You will grant me peace,

Knowing that You have the answers that I seek.

Knowing that I will trust You.

Knowing that I will keep my faith in You.

Knowing that this storm shall pass.

Knowing that Your power in my life will always last.

Knowing to reach for Your Hand.

Knowing that You have a purpose and a plan.

Knowing that I know, that I know, that I know,

I know that You are with me, and because You are , I will go.

Seeking Him along the way…..

God Is

God is speaking and I am listening,

God is leading and I am following,

God is healing and I am transforming,

God is confirming and I am accepting, God is blessing and I am receiving,

God is doing the miraculous and I am believing

God is empowering and I am achieving,

God is great….

God is good….

God is amazing….

God is wonderful….

God is active….

God is working….

And God is moving…..

Are you impacted by the move of God???

Seeking Him along the way….