Laying It All Down Before Thee

Laying it all down before Thee.

All the uncertainty.

All the worries.

All of the feelings of inadequacy.

Laying it all down before Thee.

All my concerns.

All my cares.

All of my struggles and challenges.

All of the things I can not bear.

All of the fears.

All of my desires, all if my goals,

Giving it all to You, because You are in control.

Because of what my eyes cannot see.

I am laying it all down before Thee.

The Journey continues……


Today, My First Born Son Turned 19. 11-17-18

Today my first born son turned 19,

Wow, it has been 19 years!!!!

You are away from us, at college.

You are learning lessons by living.

You are discovering things about yourself, others, and life.

I know, it’s a lot to plan your future,

When you never had to plan it before,

But I know that even though I am not physically right there with you.

No matter who you are, God is always with you.

You are never alone.

Love you son, Happy 19th Birthday!!!!

The Journey continues….

By This Time 11-17-18

By this time 7:00am, the Doctor decided to break my water.

It was no turning back,

It was no false alarm,

You were definitely going to be born this day.

The time had come.

The term of carrying you within my womb would soon end.

I would be able to hold you.

I would be able to touch you.

I would be able to hear your cries.

Yes today is the day.

The day we have all been waiting for.

Given a due date, however surrendering to the process of uncertainty,

Of when we will meet you.

It has been 19 years and I remember ever detail.

Of the day, I met you.

Because that day my life changed forever .

By this time.

It was almost time to be……

A mother. 💖

The Journey continues…..

How do I know what to do? 11-16-18

When it came time to bring you home,

There was an awareness that came over me.

He is my baby,

He is my responsibility

And I must care for him.

He will look to me to lead him and guide him.

He will look to me to teach and nurture him.

He will look to me for the answers.

It began to hit me , the great task that was before me.

And as you looked to me, I look to Lord to bring me through,

Because He knows all things.

He can do all things.

And He knows exactly what I must do.

The Journey continues…..

God Chose Me 11-16-18

I think and reflect with honor and humility,

That God is in Divine Power and majesty chose me.

He chose me to be a steward of your life,

He chose me to raise you, to walk by faith and not by sight.

Some may not understand the magnitude of the appointment,

Of the spiritual significance some may never see,

However I embrace, I rejoice, I celebrate and I am so blessed because God chose me.

The Journey continues…….

The Parallel 11-16-18

Has given me insight.

Has given me inspiration.

Has given me revelation.

Of the transition.

Of the position.

Of the task, charge, obligation, responsibility and mission.

Unlike any other thing.

Changed forever once you embark on this journey.

You heart is touched and impacted.

Your life will never be the same again .

Transformed by the transition.

The Journey continues…..