The Blessing of Patience

There is a blessing in having patience,

Results, breakthroughs, and victories are the evidence.

There is a blessing in not giving up,

You must push on through even when you feel stuck.

There is a blessing in holding on and not letting go,

If you give up, the outcome, you will never come to know.

Be patient with yourself,

Be patient with the process,

Seek God for help,

Keep working towards success.

You will surely get there, because God had given you strength and resilience,

You can do it, with hard work, remaining focused , trusting in the Lord, and having Patience.





30 days to 40 (5-25)

In 30 days I will be 40.  4 decades, 4 times 10. Ten plus Ten plus Ten plus Ten equals 40.

I want to write about 40 blessings

  1. I am alive.
  2. I have the Lord in my life and heart.
  3. I am blessed with a husband
  4. I am blessed with 3 beautiful children
  5. I have a roof over my head
  6. I have food to eat
  7. I have a car to drive
  8. I have a job
  9. I have money in my pocket
  10. I have a sound mind.
  11. I have a reasonable amount of health
  12. I have a platform to create
  13. I have love in my heart and life
  14. I have peace in my heart and life
  15. I have joy in my life and heart
  16. I have amazing people in my life
  17. I have had amazing experiences in life
  18. I have learned many lessons
  19. I have opportunities almost daily to share experience, strength, and  hope
  20. I am blessed to be able to say I am blessed
  21. God has been good to me
  22. God has healed my broken heart
  23. God is improving my health
  24. God is always with me
  25. I can laugh today
  26. I am blessed when I blessed others
  27. I woke up this morning
  28. I tried to be light to another person day
  29. God keeps me and my love ones safe
  30. I can go on and on about His Goodness, Grace, and Mercy
  31. I recognize His goodness
  32. I am going into my 40th year
  33. My family circle hasn’t been broken
  34. We are partakers daily of his goodness
  35. I am surrounded by love
  36. I am surrounded by reminders of God’s love
  37. I embrace each day and behold it as a blessing
  38. I am on my journey to wellness
  39. I am learning something new everyday
  40. I am blessed to have the opportunity to seek God everyday



The journey continues……..

Leaving the Nest 5-25

My Son,

Each day that passes you are getting closer to your goal. I know that it is both exciting and overwhelming. I know that it can seem like there is so much to do because there is so much to do. I believe that you will get it done. Steady, Steady, Steady.


Speaking of Steady, Steady, Steady, I have learned that, that is how things get achieved.

You have to be focused.

And you have to be consistent.

and with God you will get there.

Steady, Steady, Steady!!!!!!



The Journey continues………

Never Give Up

Even when times are tough,

Never Give up.

Even when it seems like you’ve enough,

Never give up.

Even when it can be tough,

Never give up.

Even when you are overwhelmed with stuff ,

Never give up.

Never Give up,

Trust in the Lord.

Never give up,

He can open all closed doors.

Never give up,

He knows what is in store.

Never give up,

That gift in you should never be ignored.

Never give up,

Trust Him Every Step of the way.

Never give up.

Keep on pressing day after day.

Even when it seems uncertain and you feel stuck,

Hang in there, keep pressing and,

Never give up.💖





Where Would I Be?

Where would I be,

If You didn’t save me.

If You didn’t set me free.

Where would I be,

If You didn’t care about me,

If that which is lost You didn’t seek.

Where would I be,

If new beginnings and another chance didn’t exist.

Where would I be,

If God didn’t redeem and restore.

Where would I be,

If God didn’t rescue and revive,

How will those who are blind regain sight.

What change would have come upon my life,

Where would I be without Your power and mercy.

Where would I be, if You didn’t transform me,

Where would I be without Your Love and Grace.

I would be away and distant in a far away place.

Thank You for saving me,

Thank You for spirit which makes me complete. 💖



Leaving The Nest 5-24

My Son,

In 73 days you will be leaving the nest. You will be going to unfamiliar territory.  You will be experience life on your own by yourself.  I wonder, How you feel about that? I am going to ask you. I just want to encourage you to place ypur confidence in the Lord. He has all power to work things out and to bring you through. He will lift you up when you are down and give you strength when you are weak.


There is nothing that God cannot do.

Start now with Trusting Him every step of the way.

The Journey continues………..💖

31 days to 40( 5-24)

Getting close. Getting close to the wire. Getting close to the runway. Soon will be hitting the platform of a new decade. Thank You Lord for being so awesome. Thank You for giving me a chance to live my life.

To live is to learn,

To live is to experience,

To live is to express,

To live is to try,

To live is to dream,

To live is to be inspired,

To live is to discover,

To live is to create,

To lived is to engage,

To live is to embrace,

To live is to love,

To live is a gift,

What is your definition of to live?????


The Journey continues  …….💖