He Knows

It is amazing to think that our God knows everything about us,

He knows our dreams, our hopes, our fears,

He knows our thoughts, our struggles, and our victories.

He knows our beginnings and He knows our ending.

He knows our pain and He knows our joy.

He knows where we will stay and He knows where we will go.

He knows our heart, our mind, our soul and our spirit.

He is an All Knowing God.

That is amazing!!!!!

The Journey continues. ……..


Grace Period

Window period,

Grace period,

Flexible period,

Open period,

Is the difference between having time and not having time.

It is that brief extra giving a little more grace,

A little leverage,

A little bit more,

That window period,

Grace period,

Flexible period,

Open period ,

Can make the difference,

Between getting aomeyhing and missing something,

It can make the difference between gaining something and losing something,

It can make the difference between being a part of, and not having the opportunity to engage, experience, learn, and grow,

That limited time,

That allotted time,

That given time,

That allowed time,

That set aside time,

Is the Grace period,

That can make all the difference.

The Journey continues. ……

God Does Not Make Mistakes

God doesn’t make mistakes,

God’s Will and Plan is perfect.

God has a destiny and a design for our lives,

Sometimes we are amazed at God because His plans can appear to big,

Sometimes we are amazed at God because what God can do, is beyond what we imagine or think.

Staying in His presence keeps on track,

Seeking His face keeps us on the path.

Reaching for Him, and looking for Him to answers the questions we ask,

He is able to lead us, guide us, strengthen us, and to give us courage, so that His will can come to pass.

We must believe in what we cannot see and walk by faith,

And trust in the Lord, because He does not make mistakes.

The Journey continues. ……

Knowing That With You I cannot fail 8-15

Knowing that with You I cannot fail,

Knowing that with You I will be successful and prevail.

Knowing that with You I will have the strength.

Knowing that with You I will prevail no matter what trials I come against.

With You I can make it,

With You I can take it,

I can do all things through You who strengthens me,

With You there is victory.

The Journey continues. ……

Finding Comfort in God

Finding comfort in God,

Is like finding peace in a time of war.

Finding comfort in God,

Is like finding stillness in a time of chaos.

Finding comfort in God,

Is like finding shelter from the storm and rain.

It is like healing from heartache and pain.

Finding Comfort in God is comforting.

It is a priceless and precious treasure.

Worth seeking, finding, and discovering,

When you find comfort in God.

The Journey continues. …….

A Mother’s Reflection #1

I can remember bringing you home from the hospital, and yo6u were my little baby,

You were my responsibility,

You needed my nurturing care,

You needed my guidance, direction and protection

And as you grew you still needed all those different things, but in different ways

As a young man, I just traveled with you to begin your life away from home,

And as I celebrate your growth, opportunity, and blessings,

I know that I will miss always having you around,

As you have been with me all your life,

And now you have begun a new chapter in my life,

which requires you to be responsible for yourself,

which requires you to take care of yourself,

But even as I say take care of yourself,

I know that God will take care of you,

I know God will nurture, care, lead, guide and protect you.

God can do anything but fail and He will never leave or forsake you.

This is a Mother’s reflection, about her son.

The Journey continues. …….


Encouragement is like food for the mind, body and spirit.

Encouragement is like fuel to keep you going.

Encouragement is like water for someone who is thirsty.

Encouragement goes a long way.

Encouragement helps one not give up.

Encouragement helps one to keep the faith.

Encouragement helps one to hold on.

Encouragement is a positive support.

Encouragement motivates.

Encouragement inspires.

Encouragement empowers,

Encouragement says embrace the journey and embrace hope.

So thankful for encouragement and for those God sends in our lives To encourage us.

Be encouraged!!!!!!

The Journey continues…….