You are Loved Today and Everyday

A love without condition,

A love that does not hide,

A love that mends a soul and spirit,

A love that heals the pain inside.

A love that goes where ever you go,

A love that is so sweet I know.

A love that was there for you before you loved yourself,

A love that saved you when you are in need of help.

A love that forgives ,

a love that restores,

A love that overflows, a love that is yours.

A love that God gives,

The Love of Christ, a love that lives.

A love that knows the desires of your heart and hears you when you pray,

A love that is yours today and everyday. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


Like A Pencil in God’s Hands

Want to be as Mother Teresa says, like a pencil in God’s Hands,

Want to be one to share of how God is a God of another chance.

Being a tool that can draw a picture for the eyes to see,

Being a tool for His Word, the message will be shared, the message will be carried.

Being a tool used by God for His Glory,

Being a vessel that will give love, encourage and tell the story.

To share a personal testimony of how He saved a once lost girl,

To tell of how He gave His only Begotton Son Jesus because He loves the world.

To speak of salvation and that it is free,

To speak of the void that can filled with Christ, that can make your life complete.

To speak of how your life can changed with making Him your choice,

To witness to another of His goodness to be a voice.

To share of His power to turn around a hopeless circumstance,

To be a tool, a vessel, and a pencil in God’s Hands.

Quiet Time

It is quiet. It is silent. It is the stillness before the daylight comes,

It is a time of mediation,

A time of reflection,

A time of connection,

A time of communication.

That quiet time when I am silent and He speaks,

That quiet time when I am still,

And my spirit is filled.

That quiet time early in the morning,

No interruptions, no expectations,

No agenda, No responsibilities,

Just me and Thee.

It is all about You before all of the elements of the day come forth.

Just me and Thee.

Having Our Time,

Quiet TimeπŸ’–



Come, with all of your worries.

Cone, with all your cares.

Come, believing and knowing,

That God will meet you there .

Come, leaving behind your fears,

Come, ready to heal and to release the tears.

Come, knowing He is waiting for you,

Come, knowing there is nothing He cannot do.

Come, with the assurance and confidence,

Come, knowing that He will make a way for your circumstance.

Come, knowing that He is able to forgive what you have done,

Open up your heart, give Him a try, step out on faith,

and Come.


His Promises

There are so many promises in the Word Β of God.

So many things that He is able to do in our lives.

So many promises that can come to pass,

Beginning with our trust in Him,

Beginning with our faith in Him,

Beginning with us seeking Him first.

God doesn’t break His promises,

God’s Word does return back void.

God does not lie, like man.

His Word is the Word.

His Will is His Will.

His Plan is His Plan

His Purpose is His Purpose


His promise, is a Promise.

There Is No Other Place I’d Rather Be

On the Lord’s Day,

I want to be in His place,

I want to be in His presence

I want to be in His House.

That is where I go to get filled,

That is where I go to get healed,

That is where I go to get fed spiritually,

So that I can grow mentally and emotionally.

There is no other place I would rather be,

This is a place where I am welcome to be free.

One Accord

The desire of my heart is the desire of Your heart,

What I seek to do is what You want me to do.

Where I am preparing to go is where You want me to go.

I am committed to Your Will,

I am dedicated to Your Way,

I am available to Your Plan,

I am willing to go forth in the purpose You have for me.

I want to be in line with You.

I want to be obedient to You.

I want to be led by You.

There is victory in obtaining the Lord’s direction and guidance.

There are benefits and blessings in obedience,

At this point in my life, I don’t desire to take a detour ,

I want to be on One Accord with You.

At this point in my life I want to get out of my own way,

And be on One Accord with You.

Shower upon me, Your Will, into my spirit pour,

I am ready take this journey with You,

on One Accord.