Comes From God

Inspiration comes from God.

I am inspired to be the best me I can be.

Affirmation comes from God.

I know I can achieve the goals that are before me.

Confirmation comes from God.

I have received confirmation from God that this is the right path I am on.

Motivation comes from God.

God motivates and encourages me.

Determination comes from God.

I believe I can do anything with God.

Seeking Him along the way…..


Speaking To Me

He is always speaking to me.

He is speaking to my heart.

He is speaking to my soul.

He is speaking to my mind.

He is speaking to my spirit.

I am listening to Him as He speaks to me.

I am being obedient as He speaks to me.

I am being assured as He speaks to me.

I am being comforted as He is speaking to me.

He speaks…

He speaks…

He speaks…

Seeking Him along the way…..


Faith is believing in what you cannot see.

Faith is trusting in the Lord.

Faith is believing it will be alright.

Faith is taking a step of faith.

Faith is going above and beyond knowing the Lord is on your side.

Faith is putting it in the Lord’s Hands.

Faith is pressing your way.

Faith is pushing through.

Faith is having works.

Where is your faith?

How great is your faith?

Are you living with faith?

Seeking Him along the way…..

Embracing The Quietness

The older I get,

The more insightful I get….

The more inspired I get….

The more wiser I get….

The more I recognize …..

The more I realize….

The more I am aware….

The more I discover….

The beauty of quietness….

The blessing of quietness….

The moment of quietness…

I have learned go embrace quietness,

I have learned to embrace stillness,

I have learned to embrace calmness,

This has been my true revelation in the early hours morning.

Before sounds of getting begin…

Before sounds of the environment start…

Before the world wakes up…

Before the quietness evaporates…

Before the quietness fades away…

Before the quietness disappears…

I rest in Your presence,

I feel Your presence,

I welcome Your presence,

As I embrace the quietness.

Seeking Him along the way…..

Oh Father

Growing up, not knowing what it would be like to have a father, because you left so long ago,

There is an unexplained chapter.

There is a missing piece.

There is an empty space at times.

But God fills the void…..

God makes whole what is broken…

God completes what is incomplete….

Even though I was young, I will never

forget you.

I realize as an adult how important it is to have a father for development of the child.

I am so thankful for the Heavenly Father.

Who has been with me every step of the way.

I have missed you father.

Not knowing what it is to hear your voice.

To have my father’s adoration and encouragement.

But God…….

Has never forgotten about me.

I am in good hands,

Because I am in the Master’s Hands.

Oh father, know that your daughter has grown into a woman of God

She has grown into a woman of faith

And she continues to grow and strength her walk and talk with the Lord.

The Journey surely continues……

Seeking Him along the way…..