What Cannot Be Erased

What cannot be erased is my love for Christ,

What cannot be erased is how He changed my life.

What cannot be erased is my walk and talk with Him,

What cannot be erased is how I strive to be in His presence.

What cannot be erased is the love that fills my soul ,

What cannot be erased is how He made me whole.

There are some things in life that can be erased,

There’s some things in life that can be replaced ,

But my love for the Lord cannot be erased.πŸ’–


31 days to 40( 5-24)

Getting close. Getting close to the wire. Getting close to the runway. Soon will be hitting the platform of a new decade. Thank You Lord for being so awesome. Thank You for giving me a chance to live my life.

To live is to learn,

To live is to experience,

To live is to express,

To live is to try,

To live is to dream,

To live is to be inspired,

To live is to discover,

To live is to create,

To lived is to engage,

To live is to embrace,

To live is to love,

To live is a gift,

What is your definition of to live?????


The Journey continues Β …….πŸ’–


32 days to 40 5-23 Amazingly 40 Words!!!!!!


Excitement …….


Inspiration …….



Needing the Lord……

Embracing the Journey…..




Having Courage…….

Looking to the Lord for strength….





And eager to begin this next decade of my life………


The Journey continues……..πŸ’–

Leaving The Nest 5-19

My son,

I will miss the annoying things you do.

I will miss fussing at you when you need to be fussed at.

I will miss telling you let’s go because you are going to be late.

These things will no longer be much of our reality because you’re going away in 78 days.

I pray and trust that you will do the right things

I pray that you remember what you were taught.

I pray that you will remember the importance of being on time.

I hope that you strive to be prompt, prepared, and ready.


There will be many things you have been taught that you will have the opportunity to use.


The Journey continues………πŸ’–

Leaving The Nest 5-18

My son,

You will be leaving the nest in 79 days.

Each day we are getting closer. As a Β Mother this day and time has always been so far away. It is no longer far away. It is months away. I will do all I can to help you along the way. I do realize that somethings, many things you will have to do for yourself. This part of the journey is about letting go. I know in my heart, I will never let you go. I will always hold you near and dear no matter how far you go.

Love you My SonπŸ’–

The Journey continues……….πŸ’–

Provision for The Day

Asking for Provision for the Day.

Protection for the Day.

Wisdom for the Day.

Love for the Day.

Light for the Day.

Encouragement for the Day.

Strength for the Day.

Motivation for the Day.

Inspiration for the Day.

Guidance and Direction for the Day.

Joy and Peace for the Day.

Lord be in my thoughts throughout the day.

May Your spirit reign in my heart throughout the day.

Seeking to please You throughout the day.

Seeking to be a blessing in what I do throughout the day

Seeking to be the best I can be throughout the day.

Knowing that You will help me see my purpose.

Knowing that You will help me see Your Plan.

Sureending it all to You because it is in Your Hands.

Knowing that You will help me see Your Vision

Knowing that for Your Will,You will make Provision.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Seeking, Believing, Achieving

Grace, Grace, Grace

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed

Loved, Loved. Loved

Believe, Believe, Believe

Faith, Faith, Faith

Trust, Trust, Trust

Seek ,Seek ,Seek

Hope ,Hope ,Hope

Strength, Strength, Strength

Joy, Joy, Joy

Peace, Peace, Peace

Begin ,Begin ,Begin

Declare, Declare Declare

Steady ,Steady ,Steady

Press, Press ,Press

Yesterday ,Today, Forever

Beginning, Middle ,End.

Heart to Heart to Heart.

Spirit to Spirit to Spirit.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Me, Thee, Unity.

Seeking; Believing and Achieving. πŸ’–