Fill The Void

You are able to fill the void,

You are able to fill the empty space,

You are able to make complete what is incomplete,

You are able to make whole what is broken.

You are able to fix what needs to be prepared,

You are able to take away the pain,

You are able to bring peace.

You are able to fill the void. 💖

The Lord is able to fill the void!!!!


Quiet Time

It is quiet. It is silent. It is the stillness before the daylight comes,

It is a time of mediation,

A time of reflection,

A time of connection,

A time of communication.

That quiet time when I am silent and He speaks,

That quiet time when I am still,

And my spirit is filled.

That quiet time early in the morning,

No interruptions, no expectations,

No agenda, No responsibilities,

Just me and Thee.

It is all about You before all of the elements of the day come forth.

Just me and Thee.

Having Our Time,

Quiet Time💖



Come, with all of your worries.

Cone, with all your cares.

Come, believing and knowing,

That God will meet you there .

Come, leaving behind your fears,

Come, ready to heal and to release the tears.

Come, knowing He is waiting for you,

Come, knowing there is nothing He cannot do.

Come, with the assurance and confidence,

Come, knowing that He will make a way for your circumstance.

Come, knowing that He is able to forgive what you have done,

Open up your heart, give Him a try, step out on faith,

and Come.