32 days to 40 5-23 Amazingly 40 Words!!!!!!


Excitement …….


Inspiration …….



Needing the Lord……

Embracing the Journey…..




Having Courage…….

Looking to the Lord for strength….





And eager to begin this next decade of my life………


The Journey continues……..💖


36 days to 40 (5-19)

In 36 days I  will be 40 years old. Wow!!!!I realize that over the years I have cultivated my faith walk with Christ and my spirituality has flourished however my health received what was left over. After working hard and mentally and emotionally addressing the needs of the family, my physical health took a back seat. I realize that things have to change especially it I want to continue to operate at my highest and full potential.  The Doctor told me taking care of everyone else and not myself is not what God wants. She also said that you may not feel it but it can be alot going on in your body. I can say today, I finally hear her. It makes a lot of sense and I must achieve the necessary balance to thrive and be well mind, body, and spirit. I realize that if I don’t take care of this body, I won’t be around and it won’t be a home for my spirit on earth. I have to do better. I am determined to do better. And I will do better.

The Journey continues…………💖



Gotta Take Care of This Temple

God gave it to me,

Gotta take care of this temple.

God entrusted me

To take care of this temple.

God desires me,

To take care of this temple.

God encourages me,

To take care of this temple.

This Temple ,This body

Which is the vessel that serves as a temporary house to the soul and spirit.

I must care for it and keep it holy,

I must be good to it and strive to keep it healthy.

I must nurture it and promote wellness.

God gave it to me,

God has entrusted me,

And God desires me,

To take care of my temple.💖


Be Willing

Be willing to try new things,

Be willing to have new experiences.

Be willing to try.

Be willing to engage.

Be willing to challenge yourself and to take on challenges.

Be willing to move past your comfort zone.

Be willing to explore and navigate the possibilities.

Be willing to go places you haven’t been.

Be willing to discover and uncover new journeys.

Be willing to take a chance.

Be willing to have courage.

Be willing to make the choice.

Be willing to take a risk .

Be willing to go forth.

Be willing to have faith.

Be willing to embark on the path.

Be willing to take that step.

Be willing to go beyond .

Be willing.

Be willing.

Be willing.💖

What are you willing to try doing or going ??????

38 days to 40 5-17

For the past few months everyday,  I have been thinking about turning 40.

It is milestone that I have been anticipating.

It was just another day I was 20. The years go by.

Celebrating and embracing the day  I was born has always been important to me.

It’s not any other day.

It is my birthday.

I share a birthday with my sister,

So all my life it has always been our birthday.

I think I began to do heavy reflecting once the 30th birthday came.

That birthday was a reminder that my 20’s are behind me.

I was curious then of what my 30’s would be like.

Because my 20’s were welcoming motherhood at 21, 23, and 26.

So as I grew with my family, so did my ability to rediscover and define who I was.

And today as I stand in the threshold of my 40th Birthday,

I am ……

A Believer in Christ

A Wife

A Mother

A  Daughter

A Sister

A Counselor

A Friend

And a Dreamer.

I am not only these things nor am I limited to these things.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 💖

The Journey continues……💖

Passion and Purpose 5-14

Allow yourself to be led by God.

Let Him lead you to your destiny .

Let Him lead you to where you are suppose to be.

Let Him give you what you need.

Let Him lead you to your purpose and plan.

Let Him lead you, place your Hand in His Hands. 💖

Recovery Prayer for Today 5-10


As we seek to heal and become whole again,

Thank You for blessing us with new beginnings .

As we seek to regain what we have lost in unmanagability,

We want to thank You for making us free.

As we seek to recover our  body,soul, spirit and mind,

Thank You for the chance and opportunity to take things one day at a time.

As we seek to discover who we are.

Thank You for bringing us where we are this far.

As we seek to embrace life,

Thank You for taking us off the wrong path and placing us in the path that is right.

Praying this Prayer of Faith and Thanksgiving.  Amen. 💖