Be With Me Today

You know what today will bring,

You know it all, You know everything.

You know what challenges that will come my way,

You know what will happen throughout the day.

I am confident that You will go before me and remove obstacles,

I know that You will go before me, and make what is necessary possible.

I am assured that You will give me the strength, wisdom, and ability,

To carry out the plans You have for me.

I believe that You are with me each step I take,

I am trusting that with each moment of adversity, You will increase my faith.

Even though the task may be huge and great,

I know that I can get through it because You are With me today. 💖

The Journey continues…..


Aligning With You

I desire to Align with You,

I desire to do, what You want me to do.

I desire to be what You want me to be,

I desire to see what You want me to see.

I desire to do Your will each day,

I desire to seek Your purpose and plan for me, wanting to do things Your way.

Daily seeking Your face and standing on Your Word which is true,

Purposefully and Intentionally, Aligning with You.

The Journey continues……..

Believing It Will Come To Pass

I can do this.

I will do this.

I must do this.

I will complete this.

I will be victorious.

I will be committed.

I will be dedicated.

I will be focused.

I will not give up.

I will accomplish my goals.

I will press towards the mark.

I will succeed.

I will have a Praise Report.

I will have a testimony.

I will have a breakthrough.

I will overcome my obstacle.

I will trust the Lord.

I will keep on keeping on.

I will push to the finish line.

I will finish strong.

I will believe.

God will give me strength.

God will empower me.

God will make this possible.

It will come to pass.

It shall come to pass.

It shall be so.


The Journey continues. ……

Good morning Lord,

Good morning Lord,

Thank You for another day.

Thank You for the blessing of a new beginning.

Thank You for Your faithfulness and consistency.

Thank You for Your everlasting, redeeming,unconditional, perfect love.

Thank You for bringing me this far.

Thank You for Your Greatness, Your Goodness,and for Your Grace as well as Your mercy.

Thank You for carrying me through the storms and rain.

Thank You for moving mountains, allowing me to climb mountains, and for bringing me over the hills and valleys.

You are truly awesome,

You are absolutely wonderful, marvelous and magnificent.

You are worthy of all the Praise , Glory, and Honor.

Good morning Lord,

I am seeking to please You.

I desire to serve You.

Looking to You, to lead, guide, and direct me.

Looking to You to empower, equip, encourage and protect me.

Thank You again for this new day,

Thank You for always making a way.

Thank You for opening closed doors,

As I begin this new day, I acknowledge You, place, and seek You first,

Good morning Lord.

The Journey continues. …..


Restore my mind,

Restore my body,

Restore my spirit,

Restore my soul,

Restore my heart and make me whole,

Give me new energy,

Give me new strength,

Give me new courage,

Give me new wisdom to face the odds,

I come against.

Give me a song to sing,

Let me seek your guidance and leadership with everything.

Give me the ability to run and not faint like never before,

Lord, empower me,

Lord, renew, revive and restore.

The Journey continues. ……..

6:33 Part 9

I find that when you put Him first,

He will work it out.

I have learned that when you put Him first,

You begin to discover what your experiences are all about

I have discover that when you put Him first

All other things are added unto you

I have realized that when you put Him first,

That His word is true.

Matthew 6:33

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and  His righteousness and all things will be added unto to you.

The Journey continues. …..

Already There

Sometimes what you are looking for is already there,

It’s already there and you can be looking for it and searching for it.

You can be seeking beyond in high places,

You can be seeking for it in people,

You may be looking for the answer in books,

You may be looking for others to answer,

And sometimes, many times,

It’s already there!!!!!

Do you see it????

The gift God has given you,


Already there.

Do you see it what you need to carry it out,


Already there.

Do you believe it?

God placed it in you.

Do you know it to be true?

Because it is already there!!!!!!!

The Journey continues. …….