Another Day In The Land

Another day in the land of the living.

Another day that we are blessed to see.

Another day to go on.

Another day to go forth.

Another day to behold.

Another day to embrace.

Another day, another chance.

Another day, another opportunity.

Another day to do.

Another day to be.

Another day to see.

Another day to learn.

Another day to grow.

Another day to forgive.

Another day to heal.

Another day to live.

Another day to pursue God’s plan.

Another day in the land.

Seeking Him along the Journey……


Just Before

Just before night becomes day.

Just before sleeping becomes awake.

Just before stillness becomes busyness.

Just before darkness becomes light.

Just before the body at rest becomes the body at work.

Just before the mind that has been charging, gets filled and loaded with…

Duties, responsibilities, expectations of what needs to be,

Of what has to be,

Just before it all starts.

Just before it all begins.

Just before what is becomes what was.

Looking to You.

Seeking You.

Reaching for You.

To be with me.

To guide, direct, and protect me .

And to go before me.

Just before, my foot hits the floor.

Just before the clock races.

And the schedule, the routine, and demands begin,

I look to You.

I seek You.

I reach for You.

Just before……..

Seeking Him along the Journey……

Trusting You

Trusting You all of the way,

Trusting You each and everyday.

Trusting You no matter what I may face,

Trusting in Your Love, Your Power and Your Amazing Grace.

Trusting in You no matter what it seems right now before me,

Trusting You because I know in You I’ve got the victory.

Standing on Your Word because it is true,

I am going forth today and everyday, believing, leaning on and Trusting You.

Seeking Him Along the Journey….

Get Ready For Your Assignment

Get ready to go forth,

Get ready to be focused, committed, and discipline,

Get ready to put forth the effort,

Get ready to meet the bar where it is raised,

Get ready to walk in ordered steps,

Get ready by preparing your mind, body, and spirit

Get ready the time has come.

Get ready the moment has arrived.

Get ready, Get ready, Get ready.

Seek Him along the Journey……


It’s beyond any assurance that the world can give ,

Its beyond any peace that the world can give,

It’s beyond any understanding that the world can give,

It’s beyond any clarity that the world can give,

It’s beyond any certainty that the world can give,

The world can’t give you assurance

peace, understanding, clarity or certainty,

That comes from the Lord.

And the assurance that the Lord gives

The world cannot take away.

Seeking Him along the Journey….

Keep Moving

Not stopping….

Not slowing down…..

Not giving up…..

Not quitting….

Keep on keeping on……

Keep going…..

Keep pressing…..

Keep moving…..

Don’t afraid…..

Have faith….

Have courage…..

Trust in the Lord….

Keep pressing….

Keep seeking…..

Keep reaching….

Keep believing….

Keep moving…..

Seeking Him Along the way……..

Go Forth

Feel it in my spirit…..

Feel it in my heart……

Feel it in my spirit……

Feel it in my soul……

Going forth……

Going forward…..

Going ahead……

Going to move…..

Going to do……

Going to be……

Going to see……

Going to go……

Believing God….

Believing it’s time….

Believing it’s the season….

Believing it’s the moment….

To Go Forth…..

Seeking Him Along the Journey.. …