God You Know (20 to 1000)

God, You see what is before me,

before I even begin the journey.

God, You see what is before me,

before I even begin a task.

God, You know what is before me,

before I begin each day.

God, You know all things,

There is comfort placing my faith in You.

There is assurance keeping my trust in You,

There is a peace surrendering my worries and cares to You

You know the outcome.

You know the story.

You know the purpose, path, and plan,

Placing all things in Your Hands.

Looking to You wherever I go,

Believing that You will guide me because everything God, You know.

The Journey continues…..


Pouring Myself Out To You (21 to 1000)

To be free to share.

To be free to bare.

To feel secure and comfort because You care.

Is a blessing to be able to do.

That is why I have peace when I pour out my concerns and worries to You.

To have refuge from the storm and rain.

To have healing from heartache and pain.

To have love given to me that is real and true.

That is why I feel safe coming forth and giving me all to You.

No judgement no condemnation.

Always there with me, without any doubt or hesitation.

I have learned to stand on Your Word and Your promises because Your Word is true.

I need the serenity that comes when I pour the meditations of my heart, my dreams, my hopes and desires out to You.

Cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you.

The Journey continues…….

Personal Relationship With Thee (22 to 1000)

In agreement.

In alignment.

In communication.

In relationship.

My Creator and I.

He is good.

He is kind.

He is patient.

He is long suffering.

He gives me strength and courage.

He increases my faith.

He listens and hears me.

He will never leave or forsake me.

He fearfully and wonderfully made me.

He has a purpose and plan for me.

He wants me to succeed.

He is merciful and graceful.

He is loving, caring, and compassionate.

He encourages and empowers me.

He uplifts and inspires me.

He understands me.

I love the Lord.

I am committed and dedicated to the Lord.

I seek His guidance and to do His Will.

I strive to be obedient and to serve Him.

Each day I seek Him.

I want to know more about Him.

I want to please Him.

I am thankful for Him.

I praise Him.

I need Him.

I acknowledge Him.

I reverance and respect Him.

I adore Him.

I trust, lean, and depend in Him.

I delight in Him.

I walk and talk with Him.

I meditate on Him.

I can do nothing without Him however I can do all things with Him.

My Personal Relationship with Him grows each day.

The Journey continues……

My Reflection of Psalm 23 (23 to 1000)

He is My Shepherd,

He supplies all my needs,

He gives me peace,

He leads me and keeps me with serenity,

My soul He renews,

He directs my path and orders my steps in goodness,

Even when I may be around evil,

I have nothing to fear because the Lord will protect me,

He comforts me when I am not at ease,

Even amongst my enemies I am not alone because He is with me,

You bless me with the presence of Your spirit,

There is so much abundance of Your goodness,

I believe that Your love, mercy, and grace will follow me all the days of my life,

And when I leave this earth, I will be with You in paradise. Amen

The Journey continues..

The Greatest Example( 24 to 1000)

We lift Him up,

By lifting others up.

We show His love,

By loving others.

We are an example of His compassion,

By having compassion for others.

We radiate His light,

By striving to be light for those in darkness.

We help spread the message He cares,

By caring for other.

We share the power of the Gospel,

By telling others about Jesus and His healing power.

We demonstrate His kindness,

By being kind to others.

Jesus is our greatest example.

Jesus is our greatest teacher.

Jesus is our greatest friend.

Jesus our greatest gift.

The Journey continues……

What Is Faith? (25 to 1000)

Faith is trusting even there is no sign of a breakthrough.

Faith is walking forward, taking one step after another and not knowing the outcome.

Faith is believing in your heart desire and pressing towards the mark.

Faith is what you cannot yet see.

Faith is going on in spite of uncertainty.

Faith is taking action and in our hearts having that belief.

Faith is what you and I both need.

How great is your faith?

The word says all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed.

The Journey continues…….

Brought Me This Far (26 to 1000)

Brought me this far for a reason.

Brought me this far for a season.

Brought me this far and it is not in vain.

Brought me this far and I am never the same.

Brought me this far and been with me every step of the way.

Brought me this far, year after year and day after day.

I have no reason to doubt Your goodness mercy, and love, or doubt who You are,

Because You have been faithful and You have brought me, this far.

The Journey continues……..