What does it mean to recover?

Your life,

Your goals

And your dreams.

What does mean to heal?


Your relationships,

And your ability to believe.

What does it mean to change,

Your life.

Your thoughts,

And your actions.

What does it mean to appreciate?

Another chance and New Beginning,

Your life,

And your blessings.

What does it mean to grow,

As a person and individual,

In understanding,

And in humanity.

What does it mean to have faith?

In God,

In yourself,

In the process,

In the Journey,

And in others.

What does it mean to have courage?

To face your giants,

To face your challenges and opposition,

And To face yourself.

What does it mean to have strength?

To overcome,

To move forward,

And to not give up.

What does it mean to be resilient?

To bounce back,

To keep on,

And to live, to be and embrace recovery.

The Journey continues. ….


Renewed Strength

There is a blessing in renewed strength.

There is a blessing in having a revived and restored spirit.

There is a blessing in being rejuvenated.

It is a blessing for our mind, body, and spirit when we rest.

God does this for us over and over again.

It is important for us to not take the blessing for granted.

It is important for us to recognize the blessing.

It is important for us to receive the blessing.

Thank You Lord for renewed strength.

Thank You Lord for restoration.

Thank Lord for a revived spirit.

Thank You for rejuvenating us physically, mentally, spiritually  and emotionally.

And Thank You Lord for rest that renews our mind, body, and spirit.

This daily blessing fills our hearts with thanksgiving  as we continue to behold it and embrace,

This daily blessing is evidence of Your Love, Mercy, Compassion and Amazing Grace.💖🎁💖



36 days to 40 (5-19)

In 36 days I  will be 40 years old. Wow!!!!I realize that over the years I have cultivated my faith walk with Christ and my spirituality has flourished however my health received what was left over. After working hard and mentally and emotionally addressing the needs of the family, my physical health took a back seat. I realize that things have to change especially it I want to continue to operate at my highest and full potential.  The Doctor told me taking care of everyone else and not myself is not what God wants. She also said that you may not feel it but it can be alot going on in your body. I can say today, I finally hear her. It makes a lot of sense and I must achieve the necessary balance to thrive and be well mind, body, and spirit. I realize that if I don’t take care of this body, I won’t be around and it won’t be a home for my spirit on earth. I have to do better. I am determined to do better. And I will do better.

The Journey continues…………💖



Believing in Recovery 5-17

Believing in God,

And Believing in Recovery.

Believing in God,

And Believing in Restoration.

Believing in God,

And Believing in Healing.

Believing in God,

And Believing in New Beginning.

Believing in God ,

And Believing in Another Day and Another Chance.

Believing God,

And Believing in Brighter and Better Days.

Believing God,

And Believing in Rebuiding and Renewal.

Believing God,

And Believing for Breakthroughs.

Believing God,

And Believing the Chance to Overcome.

Believing God,

And Believing a Greater Destiny.

Believing God,

And Believing the Opportunity to  Discover  Purpose and His Will.

Against all odds,

Believing God,

Have to keep going forward and don’t stop.

Believing God, Believing God,

Believing God. 💖


Will you Believe God?????


Believing In Recovery 5-13

Why do I believe that people can recover? Because I serve a God that sits high and looks low. I serve a God who is able to do anything but fail. The Lord is in the healing business. All that the Lord asks is that you open up your heart and believe. Not only believe but have faith with works. Have action with your faith. I believe that the Lord can do exceedently and abundantly above all that anyone can ask or think. That is in the scriptures  (Ephesians 3:20) and the Lord keeps His promises. It all starts with believing.

Believe and Receive 💖

Recovery Prayer for Today 5-12


Thank You for a Chance to Start Over. Thank You for a New Day.

Thank You a Renewed Mind, Body and Spirit.

Thank You for the Journey of Recovery.

Thank You for the Path of Healing.

Thank You for Self Discovery.

Thank You for Opportunities to hear Your Voice and a Desire to Draw Closer to You

Thank You for Support, Encouragement, and Love

Thank You for Faith and Believing.

Thank You for a Chance to Rebuild and Reclaim.

Thank You for a Chance to Lead a Better Life.

Thank You for Restored and Awakened Lives and Dreams.

Thank you for your Purpose, Plan, and Path.

Thank You for hearing this Prayer.

Praying this Prayer of Faith. Amen💖

Recovery Prayer for Today 5-11


Thank You for Hope

Thank You for Faith 

Thank You for Love

Thank You for Peace

Thank You for being Lord

Thank You for Your Kindness

Thank You for being Never Failing

Thank You for Recovery

Thank You for a chance to be Free

Thank You for opportunities and a chance to Be

Thank You for Support 

Thank You for Encouragement

Thank you for Understanding

Thank You for a Chance to Heal

Thank You for a Chance to Feel

Thank You for Breakthroughs

Thank You for Another Day 

Thank You for Another Way’

Thank You for Hearing the Words I Pray.

Praying this Prayer of Faith and Recovery . Amen