Come, with all of your worries.

Cone, with all your cares.

Come, believing and knowing,

That God will meet you there .

Come, leaving behind your fears,

Come, ready to heal and to release the tears.

Come, knowing He is waiting for you,

Come, knowing there is nothing He cannot do.

Come, with the assurance and confidence,

Come, knowing that He will make a way for your circumstance.

Come, knowing that He is able to forgive what you have done,

Open up your heart, give Him a try, step out on faith,

and Come.




Welcome positive people, places and things into your life.

Welcome an environment that promotes growth, healing, self expression, discovery, restoration, and recovery.

Welcome each day as a new beginning, another chance, and another opportunity.

Welcome your hopes and dreams, and welcome supporters that will speak life to you and remind you of your dreams when the road gets rough.

Welcome God into your life and heart, and allow Him to bring you to higher heights and deeper depths.

Welcome the Lord to come on in and bring about a change in your life.

Welcome Him in your world to bring unto you, your purpose and reveal the will He has for your life.

Ready for change to begin,

Welcome Him in.💖


I need a revival within,

Lord renew my mind, renew my body, renew my soul, renew my spirit.

Lord revive my mind, revive my body, revive my soul, revive my spirit

Lord restore my mind, restore my body, restore my soul, restore my spirit.

Let me hear something that will quicken my spirit,

That will shake up my life,

That will brighten my light.

Let me feel something that will quicken my spirit,

That will charge me up and keep me on track,

Let me leave behind doubt, fear and negativity, vowing never to turn back.

Let God speak to me,

So I can have clarity.

Let God speak to me, and instruct to me to keep walking into my destiny.

Let God’s voice reach the heart and soul of me.

Let me be revived and Let me meet You Lord at the place where You will be.

Recovery is Possible

Regardless  of what the obstacles,

Remember that, “Recovery is Possible “.

Take the first step, towards working on your recovery,

Build your support network, Look to the Lord for guidance and serenity.

Then keep on keeping on, even when times get tough,

Reach out for help when you are struggling and don’t give up.

Remember to put God first, as you press towards maintaining your renewed life,

Have courage, strength, and walk by faith, not by sight.

Believe in God, Believe in yourself, Believe in the possibilities,

Go forth seeking to be Empowered and Embrace the Journey of Recovery.

Honest Desire

Honest Desire comes from with in.

No one can give it to you, nor can they take it away.

Honest Desire is not possessed by all.

When you have it , it is truly a blessing to have it.

When you lack it , it is truly a burden to lack it.

Honest Desire is what helps keep a person focused, motivated , and encouraged.

Honest Desire is what makes a person, ready ,willing, and open-minded.

Honest Desire with actions leads to faith, transformation , healing and change.


When Honest Desire is Realized, the Road of Recovery is Recognized.

Ignite the Fire of Honest Desire on the Road of Recovery!!!!!!!!!