Never Give Up

Even when times are tough,

Never Give up.

Even when it seems like you’ve enough,

Never give up.

Even when it can be tough,

Never give up.

Even when you are overwhelmed with stuff ,

Never give up.

Never Give up,

Trust in the Lord.

Never give up,

He can open all closed doors.

Never give up,

He knows what is in store.

Never give up,

That gift in you should never be ignored.

Never give up,

Trust Him Every Step of the way.

Never give up.

Keep on pressing day after day.

Even when it seems uncertain and you feel stuck,

Hang in there, keep pressing and,

Never give up.πŸ’–






31 days to 40( 5-24)

Getting close. Getting close to the wire. Getting close to the runway. Soon will be hitting the platform of a new decade. Thank You Lord for being so awesome. Thank You for giving me a chance to live my life.

To live is to learn,

To live is to experience,

To live is to express,

To live is to try,

To live is to dream,

To live is to be inspired,

To live is to discover,

To live is to create,

To lived is to engage,

To live is to embrace,

To live is to love,

To live is a gift,

What is your definition of to live?????


The Journey continues Β …….πŸ’–


Renewed Strength

There is a blessing in renewed strength.

There is a blessing in having a revived and restored spirit.

There is a blessing in being rejuvenated.

It is a blessing for our mind, body, and spirit when we rest.

God does this for us over and over again.

It is important for us to not take the blessing for granted.

It is important for us to recognize the blessing.

It is important for us to receive the blessing.

Thank You Lord for renewed strength.

Thank You Lord for restoration.

Thank Lord for a revived spirit.

Thank You for rejuvenating us physically, mentally, spiritually Β and emotionally.

And Thank You Lord for rest that renews our mind, body, and spirit.

This daily blessing fills our hearts with thanksgiving Β as we continue to behold it and embrace,

This daily blessing is evidence of Your Love, Mercy, Compassion and Amazing Grace.πŸ’–πŸŽπŸ’–



6:33 Part 3

You have all the answers to life’s questions,

You know the plans You have and what is next,

You have all power in Your Hands,

Seeking You First,

Seeking You when I rise ,

Seeking You throughout my day,

Seeking You when I rest,

Seeking You before I make any decisions,

Seeking You when I am unsure of which way to go.

Seeking You on the journey,

Seeking You,

Believing You,

Trusting You,

Desiring You,

Leaning on You ,

And Striving to please You as well as to be in Your Presence.

Knowing that all other things will be added,

Knowing that You will lead and guide my way.

Knowing that I am safe in Your Hands.πŸ’–

35 days to 40 (5-20)

In 5 more weeks 35 days I will be 40 years old. I am moving towards this 4th decade with excitement and anticipation. I am thankful to be where I am in life and where I am with my walk with God. Yesterday, 5/19 I went to a Wellness Fair, and there was a man with an Aura machine and when you put your hand on this machine, it generates colors which represent your aura. And my aura for spirituality was 91% however for physical health 1%. What an eye opener!!!!!! I definitely have to take care of my body as much as I take care of my spirit. Today for the first time in a long time I did exercise at home.πŸ€—

The Journey continues…..

Seeking, Believing, Achieving

Grace, Grace, Grace

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed

Loved, Loved. Loved

Believe, Believe, Believe

Faith, Faith, Faith

Trust, Trust, Trust

Seek ,Seek ,Seek

Hope ,Hope ,Hope

Strength, Strength, Strength

Joy, Joy, Joy

Peace, Peace, Peace

Begin ,Begin ,Begin

Declare, Declare Declare

Steady ,Steady ,Steady

Press, Press ,Press

Yesterday ,Today, Forever

Beginning, Middle ,End.

Heart to Heart to Heart.

Spirit to Spirit to Spirit.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Me, Thee, Unity.

Seeking; Believing and Achieving. πŸ’–

Journey to Wellness 5-17

I am on a journey to bring well.

I am being Intentional about taking actions and making steps to be better.

I know that I can do it.

I believe I can do it.

With Him I can do all things .

With Him nothing is impossible.

With Him my dreams are not out of reach.

I am on my journey to wellness.

Come join me. πŸ’–