Angel on Earth 8-5-2018

Do you believe in angels on earth?

People that God sends into your life to help heal the hurt.

Do you believe God sends people along the way?

Who are a blessing to you by what they do and by what they say.

Do you believe that people can be such a light?

Do you believe that people can be Agents of change in your life?

Do you believe in the power of love?

And that there are Angels on earth, sent to our lives from above.

I believe in Angels sent by God,

Who remind us of His love and that we can make it against all odds.

I believe that through His mercy and grace,

He has angels in earth, all over the place.

I am so thankful for her presence, she is an example of how walking by faith works,

I truly love and I am blessed by my Angel on Earth.

Happy Birthday C. Dorvil 8-5-2018

Thank you for how you have richly blessed our lives.

The Journey continues. …….


It’s Amazing

I lay here thinking about how good You are and how You have always been there for me.

I lay here thinking about how You brought me through some rough and tough times.

I think about how You gave carried me through periods of doubt, fear, and uncertainty.

When I couldn’t see the light , You showed me.

When I could see my way, You lead me.

When I didn’t know what to do, You did it for me.

When I didn’t know what to say, You gave me the words to say.

I can marvel all day at Your Goodness, Mercy, Love., Favor, and Grace.

You have done so much in my life.

You are my strength, my joy, and my light.

I am so thankful that I can always turn to You.

I am so thankful that You always bring me through.

I am so thank and amazed that You are always there.

The Journey continues. ……


I will not let fear hold me back,

I will not let fear paralyze me and keep from trying.

I will not let fear keep me from journeying into my destiny,

I will not let fear keep me away from what God has for me.

I will not let fear dictate my fate,

I will overcome my fears and walk this walk believing in God and walking by faith.

I will not let fear keep from going beyond my comfort zone,

I will not let fear tell me that I am on this journey alone.

I will face my fears.

I will step out on faith.

I will press forward and press on.

I will do whatever it takes.

I will trust God.

No matter what the odds.

Whether the destination is far or whether it is near,

I am going to trust in the Lord and stand on His Word, believe in His promises,

And journey beyond my fears.

God does not give us the Spirt of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy verse 1:7

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Hebrews 11:6

I press towards the mark for the prize  of the High calling in Christ Jesus.

Phillipians 3:14

The Journey continues. ……..

Faith With Works

As I am living , I am learning about more and more,

about Faith and Works….

The word says there is no life in faith without works.

I have learned that there is no hope, with faith without works.

There is no results in situations with faith without works.

When we have faith we please God.

When we step out on faith,

we make it possible for God to work it out,

Through us, in us, and for us.

Our faith walk is so important,

However it is more than a walk,

It is walking with action.

It is stepping out of your comfort zone.

It is asking for help.

It is doing your part,

It is believing, trusting, and surrendering.

Faith with works leads to blessings

Faith with works leads to testimonies and praise reports.

Faith with works leads to breakthroughs.

Where is your faith?

Are you walking by faith and not by sight?

Are you pleasing God with your faith?

Are you having works to accompany your faith?

What is your testimony of faith?

The Journey continues. .. . . .

The Gift of You

You are loved,

You are cherished,

You are a blessing,

You are a gift,

You are a treasure,

You are a jewel,

You are a presence,

You love and you care,

You affirm and correct,

You provide and protect,

You speak and you preach,

You build us up and our hearts you reach.

You never left our side,

You are such a gift in our lives.

A gift that we will always treasure,

We will never take for granted, the good times we have together.

It comes naturally your influence and presence.

You have great joy with us and we have great joy with you.

You make us laugh to keep us from crying,

You value and treasure us,

And we treasure you.

We don’t need an annual day to say we love and we appreciate you,

We pray that everyday you feel our love and that we recognize and we are blessed by what you do.

To my partner, my husband, my love, and my friend,

You are a great gift in our lives that has happened.

We thank you for pouring unto us your love, your heart, and your spirit that is true.

We are richly blessed as we receive and embrace the Gift of You.

Celebrating My Love BTG!!!!!!! 6-17-18

Happy Father’s Day !!!!!!!

Having Faith

Believing it is possible,

Believing it shall come to pass,

Believing it shall come to fruition,

It shall be.

It will be.

It is so.

Having faith, Believing in what I cannot see,

Believing it shall be reality.

Believing if it is His will for me.

Than it shall come to be.

Believing in a greater testimony.

Believing there is a plan for me.

Believing and planting my faith seed.

Believe I shall receive.

Believing in territory that will be increased.

Believing that the steps are ordered I take.

Believing God stepping out and walking by faith.

The Journey continues. ….

Having faith in the soon to come praise report!!!!