Connections come from the spirit.

Connections come from the heart.

Connections come from bonds.

Connections come from identifying.

Connections come from inspiration.

Connections come from motivation.

Connections come from interaction.

Connections come from communication.

Connections are exceptional.

Connections are intentional.

Connections are wonderful.

Connections can touch one’s heart, mind, and spirit.

Connections can move one’s heart, mind, and spirit.

Connections can enhance one’s heart, mind, and spirit

Connections can enrich and enlighten one’s life experience and journey.

So thankful for connections.

Where would our lives be without connections?

Where would my life be without my connections?

How is your life greater and richer because of your connections?

Thinking of Kylah and Mocha 8-6-18

The Journey continues. ….


Angel on Earth 8-5-2018

Do you believe in angels on earth?

People that God sends into your life to help heal the hurt.

Do you believe God sends people along the way?

Who are a blessing to you by what they do and by what they say.

Do you believe that people can be such a light?

Do you believe that people can be Agents of change in your life?

Do you believe in the power of love?

And that there are Angels on earth, sent to our lives from above.

I believe in Angels sent by God,

Who remind us of His love and that we can make it against all odds.

I believe that through His mercy and grace,

He has angels in earth, all over the place.

I am so thankful for her presence, she is an example of how walking by faith works,

I truly love and I am blessed by my Angel on Earth.

Happy Birthday C. Dorvil 8-5-2018

Thank you for how you have richly blessed our lives.

The Journey continues. …….

Spirit of Love

What does it mean to have a Spirit of Love,

It means having patience and kindness,

It means having forgiveness , acceptance, and perseverance.

It means having empathy, compassion, and humility.

It means not giving up, it means speaking life

It means listening,caring , and sharing,

It means having positive regard and believing God for the best for the Individual.

It means seeking to understand,

Rather than judge.

It means attempting to find a solution,

Rather than criticize.

It means being there against all odds

Having The Spirit of Love, is Having the Spirit of God.

The Journey continues. ……..

Walk and operate in the Spirit of Love.

Complete When GOD Says So

So much to learn,

So much to do,

So much to experience,

So much to discover,

I am on my journey to wholeness,

I am on my journey to fullness,

I am on my journey to wellness,

Still becoming,

Still doing,

Still being,

Blessed with the opportunity to discover,

Blessed with the opportunity to learn,

Blessed with the opportunity to experience,

Blessed with the opportunity to be,

I am not done until the Lord says I am done.

I am not finished until the Lord says I am finished.

I am not complete until the Lord says I am complete.

Thankful that I am not yet done.

Thankful that I am not yet finished .

Thankful that I am not complete .

I am still a work in progress. ……

The Journey continues. ……..

Grace After Grace After Grace

Blessing after Blessing  after Blessing.

He keeps on blessing.

Thank You for Your blessings.

Mercy after Mercy after Mercy.

He keeps showing mercy.

Thank You for Mercy.

Love after Love after Love.

He keeps on loving.

Thank You for Your Love.

Healing after Healing after Healing.

He keeps on healing.

Thank You for Healing.

Joy after Joy after Joy.

He keeps giving joy.

Thank You for Joy.

Peace after Peace after Peace.

He keeps giving peace.

Thank You for Peace.

Greatness after Greatness after Greatness.

He is so great.

Thank You for Your Greatness.

Light after Light after Light.

He keeps shining His light.

Thank You for Light.

Goodness after Goodness after Goodness.

He keeps being so good.

Thank You for Your Goodness.

Faith after Faith after Faith.

He keeps increasing faith.

Thank You for Faith.

Grace after Grace after Grace.

He is so gracious.

Thank You for Your Grace.




Precious is life,

Precious is time,

Precious is opportunities,

Precious is moments,

Precious is the present,

Precious is now,

Precious is the chance,

Precious is love,

Precious are memories,

Precious are people,

Precious is laughter,

Precious is relationships,

Precious is peace,

Precious is learning,

Precious is growing,

Precious is experiences,

Precious is wisdom,

Precious is sharing,

Precious is caring,

Precious is unity,

Precious is compassion,

Precious is expression,

Precious is empathy,

Precious is humility,

Precious is faith,

Precious is spirituality,

Precious is you and me.



Letter To My Youngest Son

Hello My Beautiful Son,

Today you turned 14. I can’t believe 14 years has passed since you have been born. I call you my “Bonus Baby”. It is amazing that I knew back then, that you would be my last baby. I held you longer, I stayed home from work longer,  I sat in the nursery with you longer. I knew that you were my last baby, my bonus baby. I am so proud of you. You are getting ready to enter high school, while your brother is leaving high school. You have two years of high school with your sister, then she will be off to college. I feel so blessed to be your mother.  And even though I am busy, I am never too busy for you. I love your huge compassionate and loving heart.You are so kind and caring. Have a blessed and Happy Birthday and remember that Mommy always loves you and looks forward to your hugs. There’s nothing like them!!!