The Overflow 5-21

Recognizing the 500th post

The Overflow in my spirit and soul,

The Overflow that I embrace and that I behold.

The Overflow of inspiration,

The Overflow of motivation.

The Overflow that keeps gratitude,

The Overflow that makes creativity possible.

The Overflow that can uplift,

The Overflow that is a Gift.

The Overflow that comes from God,

The Overflow against all odds.

The Overflow that flows like a stream,

The Overflow that embraces a Dreamer’s dreams.

The Overflow that cannot be explained,

The Overflow that cannot be contained.

The Overflow that leaves one no longer the same,

The Overflow that can break bondage and unleash chains,

The Overflow that makes one free,

The Overflow that brings a message of faith, love, restoration, recovery, and belief.

The Overflow of positivity,

The Overflow that comes from Thee.πŸ’–


I Speak Life Over You

I want you to know that I believe in You,

I want you to know that You can do anything you put your mind to.

I want you to know that whatever the challenge God can bring you through,

I want you to know that I Speak Life To You.

I Speak Life when times are tough,

I Speak Life when times are rough,

I Speak Life when challenges come,

I Speak Life believing it is already done,

I Speak Life when we are walking in uncertainty,

I Speak Life Believing God for the possibilities.

I am walking by Faith and not by Sight

I will speak Encouragement and Speak Life. πŸ’–


Seeking You

Dwell in my heart,

Dwell in my mind,

Dwell in my body,

Dwell in my soul,

Dwell in my spirit,

Make Your Will known to me,

I desire to serve and to please Thee,

Transform my heart,

Transform my mind,

Transform my body,

Transform my soul,

Transform my spirit,

Let me be what you want me to be,

Empower, Educate, Edify, and Encourage me.

Seeking You in my heart,

Seeking You in my mind,

Seeking You in my body,

Seeking You in my soul,

Seeking You in my spirit,

This is the desire of my heart.

Please receive it.

This is the song of my heart.

Please hear it.

Dwell in me,

Transform me,

Seeking You to be with me.πŸ’–

Gotta Take Care of This Temple

God gave it to me,

Gotta take care of this temple.

God entrusted me

To take care of this temple.

God desires me,

To take care of this temple.

God encourages me,

To take care of this temple.

This Temple ,This body

Which is the vessel that serves as a temporary house to the soul and spirit.

I must care for it and keep it holy,

I must be good to it and strive to keep it healthy.

I must nurture it and promote wellness.

God gave it to me,

God has entrusted me,

And God desires me,

To take care of my temple.πŸ’–


Journey to Wellness 5-17

I am on a journey to bring well.

I am being Intentional about taking actions and making steps to be better.

I know that I can do it.

I believe I can do it.

With Him I can do all things .

With Him nothing is impossible.

With Him my dreams are not out of reach.

I am on my journey to wellness.

Come join me. πŸ’–

Dream With Me

Dream with me,

Believe with me,

Stand with me ,

Journey with me,

Navigate with me,

Be free with me,

Create with me,

Have faith with me,

Trust with me,

Go forth with me,

Strive with me,

Hope with me,

Pray with me,

Walk with me,

Talk with me,

Plan with me,

Come on and Dream with me.πŸ’–

6:33 Part 2

Waking up Lord Β with You on my mind.

I need You to go with me and be with me through the course of the day.

Thank You for empowering me and giving me the ability to do what I am called to do .

There are true blessings in seeking You first.

There are true blessings in obedience.

There are true blessings in walking and talking with You.

Seeking to connect with You.

Seeking to serve You.

Seeking to please You.

Seeking to have more of You in my life.

Seeking You first in my meditations.

Seeking You first in my actions.

Seeking You first as I begin my day.

Seeking You first when I pray.

And You are faithful to add all the other Β things.

You are Faithful to pour unto me the joy that having You brings.

My Faith looks up to Thee.

Thank You for being good to me.πŸ’–